Hosting Cultural Exchange Visitors

Myrthe from Holland with the Van der Waart family

Myrthe from Holland with the Van der Waart family.

Hosting international students, au pairs, interns and young professionals is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about other countries and cultures. Our hosts know the advantages of bringing international people and new perspectives into their homes and businesses, and it's one of the primary reasons we have so many U.S. hosts who want to work with us each year.

If you've recruited an international participant to work with you or your family through InterExchange, you're also accepting a role as a cultural host. In this role, you'll share everything that makes your local community special and will hopefully provide unique insights into American culture that visitors will remember for their whole lives. Whether you coordinate an outing to a local museum, a hike in a national park or a dinner enjoying local cuisine, you'll be contributing to developing better relationships between the U.S. and all the countries that participate in cultural exchange programs.

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External Resources

Many organizations in your communities may already organize cross-cultural programs in your area. Consider reaching out to community colleges and universities, international student houses on local university campuses, World Affairs Councils, local chambers of commerce and other international visitor and exchange organizations.

Thanks for playing an important role in building and improving U.S. relationships with the world!

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