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CampMinder is one of the most popular camp management tools available today. CampMinder’s online software gives camp directors the ability to manage all aspects of their camps from anywhere, at any time. Onboarding, bunk placements, schedules, stipends, and more - CampMinder can do it all! InterExchange is pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with CampMinder to help make staff hiring and management as easy as possible.

It really makes life a lot easier having the clientlink between InterExchange and CampMinder. ... which makes staff organization in general much simpler.

Marisa, Keystone Camp

InterExchange has integrated our matching system for a seamless transfer of hired camp counselors and support staff information directly into CampMinder. Setup is simple: just enter your InterExchange login information into CampMinder’s ClientLink system. After you hire a participant using InterExchange’s matching system, just click the “Send to CampMinder” button on your Placed list to transfer their information to CampMinder.

More than 40 InterExchange camps have already transfered over 200 staff in to CampMinder, join them today!

Get started with CampMinder and InterExchange today
Get started with CampMinder and InterExchange today
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Alex Cohen Alex Cohen

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Camp USA

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