5 Tips for Submitting a Successful Career Training USA Application


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Take note! Our tips will help speed the application process.
Take note! Our tips will help speed the application process.
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Tip #1: Read the Application Instructions

You’ll find helpful information in the instructions, including our eligibility requirements and our list of required supporting documents. Giving the instructions a thorough read will ensure you submit all required materials, thus preventing delays in processing.

Tip #2: Invite Your Host Employer to the Online Application

Do this as soon as possible - you won’t be able to submit your application until the employer completes the DS-7002 Training Plan.

  • Communicate with your employer so that you are both on the same page about the application process and the proposed training.
  • Check the status of your Training Plan by logging into your application.

Tip #3: Upload your Required Documents

Upload all of your required documents, not just the documents listed when you first log into the application.

  • You can click “Add Another Document” as many times as necessary!
  • If we need to request additional documents, your application review could be delayed. Including all the required documents at once will speed up the application process.

Tip #4: Include Translations

Provide official/certified English translations for any documents that are not in English.

  • Always provide the originals in addition to the official/certified English translations.

Tip #5: Pay the Program Fees and Submit Early

You cannot submit the application until we receive your payment. Your payment will be processed in one to two business days after it has been submitted, at which point you’ll be able to click “Submit” if you and your host employer have completed the application.

  • Submitting your application early gives you time to go through the entire process stress-free. Remember that you will need to leave time for you and your host employer to supply any missing information.
  • Although InterExchange processing is 10 days from a complete application, you will need to schedule an appointment at the U.S. Embassy in your home country once you have been approved; this process can sometimes take a few weeks.

PRO TIP: Use our handy checklist to complete your Career Training USA application quickly and accurately.

Do you have any tips for your peers completing their applications? Share them in the comments!

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A Brooklyn native, Nabil loves traveling, cooking, and riding his bike to the beach. He joined InterExchange in 2014 and currently assists international participants with obtaining J-1 Visa sponsorship as the Admissions Coordinator for Career Training USA.

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