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We love hearing from InterExchange Career Training USA alumni! Many of our interns and trainees believe that their time in the United States gave them a competitive edge when starting their professional careers back home. Read below to find out what our alumni have been up to and how their U.S. internship and training experiences have helped to broaden their horizons and further their success!

2018 Alumni

I just accepted a job in the development department at a museum in London. Getting the job was in part due to the fact I did a development internship in New York at The Met.

— Willemijn L., Netherlands

2017 Alumni

Thanks to my experience in New York, I developed an international perspective which led me to achieve personal, professional and academic successes. First of all, I managed to acquire self-confidence and autonomy. On the other hand, the internship I did was so stimulating that I decided to develop my final MSc thesis on that field (Influencer Marketing). The experiences I had made more more visible towards global and well-knows recruiters. Indeed, I am currently doing an internship in Gucci in Florence, in the merchandising department.

— Claudia S., Italy

After participating in InterExchange Career Training USA, I graduated from my engineering school and found a Job at Colas near my home.

— Tom D., France

Tom D.

2016 Alumni

After my amazing internship program with InterExchange, I returned to Malaysia to complete my final year of university. It was crazy adjusting back at first, with a 12 hour time difference! But I got back into the groove and I had an awesome year, and I am set to graduate next month! As I wait for my graduation I am currently almost done with my IT internship with the Kenyan Government. They said they were impressed with my experience in New York and asked me to join the team! My summer internship opened so many doors and I wouldnt have done it without InterExchange!

— Lynn M., Kenya

I grew a lot, my career got a serious upgrade and I learned so much about this world. I got many opportunities to travel to places in and out of the US. I met more people than in my previous life. I'm now a full time designer in a startup. I will always be grateful for the folks at InterExchange that made this possible.

— Nicholas S., France


Since participating in InterExchange Career Training USA, I moved to Toronto for four months (summer 2017) where I interned at Universal Music Canada, Canada’s leading record label. Now I am back home in Montreal interning at evenko, Montreal’s largest concert promoter. While on my internship in Los Angeles, I worked at a music marketing agency, then I came back to Canada and interned at a record label and am now at a promoter…it’s been really great to learn different aspects of the industry which I am passionate for and strive to find success in one day. I definitely think that I will be graduating from University this December with a well-rounded work experience resume.

— Giuliana B., Canada

Lindsay Bongi Lindsay Bongi

Lindsay joined InterExchange in 2018 and has a B.S. in Finance from Penn State and a M.S. in School Counseling from LIU. She got the travel bug when she spent a semester in London and had the chance to travel all over Europe. After working in finance for a number of years, Lindsay began working with high school exchange students and now is excited to assist students and professionals around the world in pursuing their dream of an internship or training program in the United States.

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