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Anum is from Dubai, UAE and completed a three month internship in Management, Business, Commerce and Finance this summer in San Francisco. She shared how she landed her internship and some highlights from her summer!

Anum in front of Impossible Foods!
Anum in front of Impossible Foods!
Image courtesy of Anum

Anum’s passion for environmental sustainability led her to reach out for an opportunity!

“I have always been fascinated by Impossible Foods’ mission and their solution to the rising problem of animal factory farming and its effects on the environment. I reached out to multiple people on their team through LinkedIn and found out about an internship position that was open, which was what I applied through.”

Impossible Food’s work culture allowed Anum to learn many sides of the business.

“A typical day consists of team meetings, brainstorming and campaign creations. Impossible Foods is a large company with a start-up like environment. This enables and encourages employees to jump onto projects they are interested in whether they are in that specific team or not. I had personal meetings with people from various departments each week, which gave me additional perspective and insight into my specific projects.”

Looking at the small details is just as important as the big picture!

“During my time at Impossible, I was given lots of small projects that worked as support for the final outcome. As time went on, it became clear how all these tasks came together to form the bigger picture. This taught me to focus on time management and how to move around so many different priorities while keeping my end tasks in check.”

A healthy work environment is also key to success!

“Impossible Foods is the type of company that believe in their employees sharing their vision. This trust was made obvious by the freedom I was given to move around the office and work from where I felt most comfortable to produce my best results. The company was made to feel like I was part of a family. Employees I hadn’t even met would come by to introduce themselves and see how I was doing. Impossible Foods is a very wholesome welcoming company. They really take care of anyone that is a part of their mission. There were also multiple events to celebrate holidays from different cultures - making it a very inclusive space.”

Experience American holidays while sharing your culture.

“Coming from Dubai, my lifestyle is very different from what I have experienced in the U.S. I had the opportunity to spend the Fourth of July with a local family. They threw myself and another intern an entirely vegan BBQ and took us out to experience the fireworks. I was also taken out for hiking and other expeditions by other locals. This not only showed me how inclusive people are here but also the beauty of California!”

InterExchange will assist you through every step!

“The process with InterExchange was really fast and worth every dollar! I received support on taxation concerns and any other matters almost instantly!”

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