Luca Lorenzon: Business Internship in New York

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Luca Lorenzon, an intern from Italy is doing a year-long international trade internship with D.B. Group America Ltd. through the Career Training USA program. We asked him if he could tell us how his program is going. Keep reading to learn more about his amazing experience!

Luca enjoys Central Park
Luca enjoys Central Park
Photo courtesy of Luca Lorenzon

What were the professional goals you wanted to achieve through this program?

I wanted to achieve:

  • Improving my English speaking and writing skills
  • Gain communication and organizational experience
  • Build my self-confidence
  • Improve my team work skills
  • Increase my knowledge of accountancy principles and the international trade business in which the company operates
  • Experience different mentalities and work ethics

Tell us about your training program.

The program was divided in four phases:

  • Introduction: my VP president Nicola De Bortoli introduced me to the overall business of the company, the international principles and the activities mapping the company: inside sales, ocean freight and air freight.
  • Accountancy: learned how to do bank reconciliations, assist the accounts payable department in entering invoices, checks, preparing statements of accounts, processing wires; assist the accounts receivables department in daily tasks such as collecting money for specific customers through precise reports, preparing SOAs to send out, calling.
  • Sales: working with the sales representatives on different projects such as market research analysis, monthly turnover of the company’s reports as well as the analysis of them; assisting the sales team on daily’s requests: calling vendors, preparing statements, and portfolio profit computations;
  • Operation Logistics phase: visits to New Jersey Warehouse to learn inflows and outflows with the managers, storage and other operational tasks typical of the logistics industry.

In addition to the professional experience, what have you enjoyed most about working with your employer?

I have enjoyed the events they organized for me, and the happy hours. In general, the atmosphere in the company was good and I was able to get along with each of my coworkers, sharing personal and cultural experiences. The diversity of the cultural backgrounds was the key element my personal enrichment and definitely taught me what respecting the culture means.

Describe two or three successes you’ve achieved during your program so far.

English speaking level got higher. My American pronunciation became more evident as well as my communication skills increased as I had to satisfy vendors and customers requests every single day, to help my coworkers through daily activities. I was successful on being organized under pressure and building strong and trustworthy relationships with my coworkers and customers. I believe that to be crucial in a company. My accountancy knowledge got better: I learned American terms, concepts and a way to record which is different from the Italian one. It has been a plus.

Share examples of how you’ve learned more about U.S. culture and how you’ve shared your culture with others.

Sports games such as basketball, baseball, and football are a strong American tradition and I’ve learned the rules and schemes. Enjoying a picnic at parks is a very common activity here in NYC as well as going to concerts. Also, an important thing I’ve noticed is US people are united as one no matter where they came from. Italy unfortunately is not as open-minded as the US. Italy’s past history plays a huge role as we feel like we are not united. I told stories about Italian History, I’ve explained the strong difference about North and South Italy that people here might not know; that we are not only pasta, pizza, mafia (some people could get very offended whereas some other could just laugh about it). Thus, I showed what we usually eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner to underline the huge diversity with US’s diversity.

What would you tell a friend from your own country to encourage him/her to do an internship through InterExchange?

I would tell him or her that such an experience definitely changes your life. It gives you the opportunity to meet up with people from all over the world, to experience different foods, places, and mentalities. Plus, it lets you grow as a person, build up self-confidence and learn how to face and overcome challenges. Overall, you will benefit from many viewpoints.

Taylor W. Taylor W.

Taylor recently joined the InterExchange Career Training USA team in December 2017, after completing her Bachelor's degree at SUNY Geneseo. Throughout her college career, she had the opportunity to study abroad in Italy, Spain and Ecuador! Now, Taylor is excited to help students and professionals around the world experience cultural exchange through internships and training programs across the United States!

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