Marketing Luxury Goods With Theodore

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Event Planning Internship
Event Planning Internship
Image courtesy of Theodore

Theodore is currently doing a marketing internship with luxury brand Ferragamo in New York City

How did you find your internship with Ferragamo?

I had an internal contact inside the company in Florence, which then put me in touch with the HR manager of the NY offices. I applied 5 months before my internship started in order to have enough time to organize my visa, interview, etc.

Theodore tells us about his day to day life at Ferragamo

I work every day from Monday to Friday (9am-5pm). My internship focuses in the marketing department of the company. I mainly work in the organization of events that Ferragamo usually does in-store. I am responsible for making sure everything is set for the day of the event as well as looking for new potential artisans to work for the company, such as paper flower artists and fashion illustrators. Another task that I do is competitive research. In this kind of industry, it is important to see what other fashion companies are doing in terms of marketing.

Internships have benefits that can jumpstart your career!

I am developing skills in event management, going through all the processes to create a special event which then leads to attracting more customers. I am also learning insights about the fashion industry as I have a better understanding of the structure of the company.

Building relationships is just as important as the actual work

I found it interesting to learn skills from someone that has been in the company for 10 years. I feel his experience in the marketing department has lot to teach me. Also, lunch break is a great time to socialize with other employees and build more personal relationships, which then creates a more pleasant working environment.

Experience the city that never sleeps!

During my time in New York I have enjoyed the fact of being immersed in such a multicultural environment, meeting people from all over the world as well as locals. I was happy to see how people are so open-minded in this city and always curious to learn about my background. I have been cooking the best pasta carbonara for some of my American friends. I believe they’ve never tasted something so delightful. The amount of activities that are present in NY are endless, ranging from Broadway shows to incredible museums.

Take time to travel while you are here

I had the chance to travel around the US during the first part of the program, going to Boston and Washington DC for the weekends. This trip showed me different aspects of the American culture and I learned a lot about its history.

InterExchange is here to help

InterExchange really facilitates the process for coming to the US for a short period of time and enriching your knowledge of American culture. They are always there to help, so I strongly recommend using their program if you are planning on coming to the U.S. for an internship.

Lindsay Bongi By

Lindsay joined InterExchange in 2018 and has a B.S. in Finance from Penn State and a M.S. in School Counseling from LIU. She got the travel bug when she spent a semester in London and had the chance to travel all over Europe. After working in finance for a number of years, Lindsay began working with high school exchange students and now is excited to assist students and professionals around the world in pursuing their dream of an internship or training program in the United States.

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