Winter Safety

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As fall becomes winter in many parts of the United States, we hope that you keep the following winter safety tips in mind.

Be prepared for winter weather!

Dress Appropriately:

Before coming on your program, make sure to research the climate for the area in which you will be living. You should bring appropriate clothing that corresponds to the time of year you will be doing your internship/training program. This may seem like an obvious preparation to make, but you want to ensure you know exactly what to expect! What constitutes "cold" often depends on the person and where they come from.

Layer up! On cold days wear lots of layers so you are prepared confront the cold. Layering gives you flexibility to add or remove layers, depending on the temperature around you. Dress smart and stay warm this season!

Winter Sports:

Along with the snow comes an opportunity to participate in adventurous outdoor activities, such as sledding, skiing and snowboarding. While these winter sports can be really fun, there are also risks involved. Make sure you have the appropriate level of experience to be participating in them.

Always have the right equipment for each activity, and make sure that it fits you properly.  Helmets and goggles are extremely important for skiing and snowboarding in case you fall, collide with someone or something, and keep stray tree branches out of your eyes. Watch out for other skiers and snowboarders and be aware of your surroundings. Avoid doing anything that you don't feel comfortable doing. Don't be reckless by straying off the trail or not following signs and rules—it's simply not worth it. Be responsible and alert!

Winter Storm Preparations:

Since parts of the U.S. can face extreme weather in the wintertime, such as heavy snowfall and subzero temperatures, you should always be prepared in case of an emergency. Keep flashlights and extra batteries around your house or apartment in case there is a loss of electrical power. It's also a good idea to stock up non-perishable food and water in case the weather prevents you from going out to the store. Do research ahead of time so you are proactive rather then reactive. Find out where the evacuation shelters are and the emergency numbers to call for your city.

Winter Travel:

It's also important to be prepared if you are out and about or planning to travel this season. Blizzard conditions can include lots of snow, freezing winds and ice-cold temperatures, resulting in icy streets, sidewalks and airport runways. You should always exercise caution when traveling to and from your host company, whether walking, driving, or taking public transit. The roads can be slippery and transit often faces delays, so plan accordingly. In cases where the weather will result in office closings, make sure you know your company's policies and procedures for inclement weather. Most companies will have a phone tree where the boss will call or email employees to let them know if the office will be closed or if there will be a delay that day.

If you are planning on taking a trip, we encourage you to first contact your local travel authority for all the latest updates, weather information and travel advisories. Your safety is always our top priority. In snowy or especially cold weather, be prepared for delays or cancellations to flights, buses and train services. If the weather is especially bad, it's best to avoid driving. Please exercise extreme caution, drive slowly and be prepared for a longer journey.

Winter Weather Resources:

Please feel free to contact InterExchange to connect with your program's staff if you have any weather or travel-related questions: or 212.924.0446.

Most importantly, enjoy the winter season!

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