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Hiring an international intern or trainee can bring a new set of skills, experiences and a fresh perspective to your office, allowing your organization to remain competitive in a globalized world. If they meet our program requirements, InterExchange Career Training USA can provide J-1 Visa sponsorship to any individual you have hired for an internship or training program at your organization.

International interns and trainees have the skills and capabilities to communicate in their native language but also to bridge cultural gaps. These skills are essential when your organization works with international partners or customers. In return, trainees and interns are exposed to U.S. culture and American business practices while expanding their skills under your organization's guidance. Learn more about host employer requirements and what you'll need to provide for your intern/trainee.

Host employers also gain new perspectives from international trainees and interns that have had different experiences and educational backgrounds. All J-1 interns and trainees must have related work experience or be currently studying in a related field, so they are prepared and highly motivated for their new roles at a U.S. organization. Many participants already have specialized skills in their chosen field but are eager to learn more.

International interns and trainees are carefully screened and interviewed by InterExchange Career Training USA to ensure that candidates are fluent in English and qualified for their J-1 Visa. If approved, an international trainee can work for up to 18 months (except for Hospitality and Tourism trainees, who may stay for a maximum of 12 months) and an intern can work for up to 12 months.

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