Guest Blog Post: Tourism Trainee Shares Experience

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My traineeship in tourism in Las Vegas has been extremely valuable and certainly knowledgeable. From the very first day I was warmly welcomed by friendly colleagues and managers. The company's policies and procedures were set so efficiently and result oriented; everybody exactly knew their duties and was very customer oriented. I was amazed by minimum paperwork and bureaucracy involved in daily operations, the technology utilized was so advanced and easy to understand even for new joiners. Being from the post soviet union world, I was so impressed by the working environment and business goals each employees were aware of (they called each others as "members"). There were people of different nationalities, some colleagues with disabilities who did assisting work, which meant there was a space for everyone in this big family.

Furthermore, I was admired by social life of the town: walking to work in the morning, I used to see seniors volunteering on the streets controlling the traffic near the school areas, a public bus driver assisting disabled people to get into the bus, where they had specifically designed for them seats or 80 years old women jogging early morning in shorts.

I am so grateful to have this wonderful opportunity to learn the New World. I had been to many countries in the southeast Asia, Middle East, Russia and I was eager to explore USA, the center of development, technology, education, democracy, freedom and justice. And it exceeded my expectations.

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