Employer Spotlight: What It's Like to Host an International Intern

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Interview with Shawn B., Owner/Creative Director at Anatomie and Career Training USA Host Employer

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Please give a brief description of what your company does.

We are a Designer Travel Brand focused on high end clothing for luxury travelers.

What internship/training program(s) do you offer to J-1 visa participants at your company?

We prefer longer term internships. We like the collaboration of the young students. They bring a fresh perspective; we feel a diversity in our business is very healthy. We use Interns in two departments: Design and Marketing. We are very happy with your program—I highly recommend it.

Any special skills or contributions that this intern provided to your work environment?

Joana has a great attitude. This makes it very easy to work with her, the whole team enjoys working with her. She has helped in many phases of the last two collections from concept to in the customers’ hands. She went beyond expectations helping with photos shoots, catalog layout. She is a real asset.

Successes your company/your intern has achieved during your program so far:

All things are positive with our intern experience. We feel when there is a good fit the intern and our business will benefit. Example: for the intern they get real time experience in a serious business, for the business owner they have a motivated student excited about the business and willing to put their heart into the job. And this is contagious.

What are some of the skills that you’ve learned from the intern during this program? Describe how you might apply these skills and learning in your work environment and business practices:

I feel that if you value an intern’s time and opinion and let them express themselves you will learn a lot. This is important to make sure your team is fully engaged at all times. Productivity per person is the key ingredient for a profitable business.

What are the most meaningful things you’ve experienced during this program?

I feel we have a responsibility to give back. Young people are our future, we need to set them up for success. It’s important to give them the tools to be an asset wherever they go to work. I always explain to new interns that since we are a small business they will learn all the skills to be a very productive team player in a company or start their own business one day.

Elizabeth Cummings Elizabeth Cummings

Liz got the travel bug as a teenager when she volunteered in Mexico. After extensive travel, interning and studying abroad, she is excited to help others fulfill their dreams of experiencing another culture through InterExchange’s Career Training USA program.

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