Participant Spotlight: Pepijn

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Pepijn N., a current participant from the Netherlands, recently took a few minutes to answer a couple of questions about the amazing experience he’s having during his J-1 program in the U.S. interning with RTL NY.

Intern on the job
Intern on the job

Pepijn on the job. Image courtesy of Pepijn N.

What is your favorite part about the company you work for and the people you work with?

I intern at RTL Dutch Television. We’re the New York office of a major Dutch news network and we provide tv stories for our Dutch audience that mainly focus on news, background and give an insight to American culture.

The best thing for me is that we’re always working on different stories. So one day we are at a press conference of Donald Trump or Joe Biden, but we might just as well be working on a story about the relationship between civilians and police or a story about the ‘all-american’ Texas cowboy boots that now aren’t made in Texas anymore, but in Mexico and China. Every day is different with a lot of different subjects to cover. That fact, in combination with the talented and driven team I work with, gives me a lot of energy.

Intern with volleyball team
Intern with volleyball team

Pepijn with his volleyball team.Image courtesy of Pepijn N.

Tell me about the best cultural exchange moment you’ve experienced since you arrived in the U.S.

There’s not a specific moment, there’s a lot of them. When I don’t have to work I often hang out in Central Park, at the beach volleyball courts there. There’s a very friendly community there that exists of a lot of people who all have very different backgrounds. Everybody has one thing in common though: they like to play volleyball. But it’s a great way to meet new people, learn things about the American culture - but also about people from the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Brasil, Canada, Germany, Italy and a lot of different states.

It’s really interesting to find out what our differences and similarities are and learn about how people see things in a completely different way than I do. The place is frequented by (e.g.) a top model, a FOX host, a cook, photographer, DNA-expert, business consultant, interns, waitresses, animal nurse - so there are a lot of different stories to be found here.

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