Participants Reflect on U.S. Culture

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Interning or training in the U.S. gives our participants a unique opportunity to get to know the locals and immerse themselves in U.S. culture. We asked participants what they liked best about American culture and this is what they had to say!

US internship
US internship

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I have found Americans to be very inquisitive about my culture, friendly and welcoming. —Rebecca G., participant from the U.K., 2015

I like almost everything here, especially that people are open minded and willing to express their thoughts proactively. —Qiong W., participant from China, 2015

People are more patient, more pragmatic and rational and I like it. But what I like the most about the U.S. culture is that it is all about reinventing themselves. Their culture is dynamic, creative, always moving, cosmopolitan, strong powerful. —Helene B., participant from France, 2015

I like the sense of humor of Americans. I like the openness, helpfulness and interests of Americans. —Yoanna S., participant from Bulgaria, 2015

Everyone I interacted with was very warm and very eager to learn about my culture. Everyone was very fascinated by it. People here focused more on my stronger qualities as opposed to my weaker qualities which was very pleasant. —Tanuj B., participant from India, 2015

US training program
US training program

Image courtesy of InterExchange participant

I really like the great sense of patriotism and love for the nation. —Luca D., participant from Italy, 2015

I felt more free when I was working here. In Korea it’s hard to joke with managers, and I can speak my opinion. —Bom L., participant from South Korea, 2015

I personally have experienced that people in general were extremely tolerant, open and friendly. A general respect and interest towards everyone. I have experienced an open minded culture in which I believe every person can somehow find their place. —Lea S., participant from Switzerland, 2015

What is your favorite part of American culture? If you’ve never been here and would like to experience it for yourself, check out InterExchange’s U.S. programs!

Elizabeth Cummings Elizabeth Cummings

Liz got the travel bug as a teenager when she volunteered in Mexico. After extensive travel, interning and studying abroad, she is excited to help others fulfill their dreams of experiencing another culture through InterExchange’s Career Training USA program.

Career Training USA
Career Training USA

Experience American culture and add international skills to your resume.

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