Career Training USA Alumni Highlights

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Our participants and alumni continue to inspire us and we like to celebrate their experiences and triumphs by sharing their updates with you! Here is what we’ve heard from our alumni recently.

Esther S., 2013 participant from the Netherlands

Esther was an architecture intern in 2013.
Esther was an architecture intern in 2013.
Image courtesy of Esther S.

Since I graduated after my architecture internship in New York I did not have any difficulties finding a job, because firms were interested in this experience. It also was a great personal experience to live in one of the greatest cities in the world and to manage daily life there.

Austin S., 2014 participant from Canada

Austin was a business intern in 2014.
Austin was a business intern in 2014.
Image courtesy of Austin S.

Since graduating I have been hired on to an exclusive management rotational program in Canada’s largest telecommunications company. I have worked on projects that are expected to reduce over $2M annually in Technician costs and capture an additional $20M+ in revenues from reduced churn rate and NPS benefit.

Fabian B., 2014 participant from Germany

One month after the completion of my internship in the USA, I’ve founded a company, blacbird technologies, that deals with the development of electrical circuits and firmware. At the same time I also started working on my bachelor thesis at the Fraunhofer IISB in Erlangen, GER. Since now we finished several projects for many different companys and have two employees. In the next few weeks I will start with my master thesis in electrical engineering again at the Fraunhofer IISB in Erlangen, GER. I’m really looking forward to finish the thesis in order to spend more time building the company and release first own products. The time in the US improved my language a lot and helped me to discuss with customers or write documents.

Jingchen L., 2015 participant from China

Jingchen was a business intern in 2015.
Jingchen was a business intern in 2015.
Image courtesy of Jingchen L.

My communication skills has been improved a lot during the internship and more importantly, I have the confidence to express my own opinions without fearing of losing face.

Jan S., 2015 participant from Germany

Jan was an information technology intern in 2015.
Jan was an information technology intern in 2015.
Image courtesy of Jan S.

After I finished my internship in the U.S. I started to work at the startup ampido that doing car parking sharing. I work there as an Marketing Manager and my internships helps me a lot to communicate with people specially in English. I also started studying with my Master in the field of Digital Business Management. Most of the exams are in English and my 6 months in America is a big advantage and helps me a lot.

Xin Q., 2015 participant from China

During 6 months stay in Andover MA, I studied the FDA regulations on medical devices and successfully compiled and submitted a medical device application to FDA. This application got approved without any question from FDA 1 month after I returned my home country.

In addition to the professional knowledge in medical industry, I learnt how to work in American team and how to cooperate with American colleagues. The culture of freedom attracted me a lot and influenced my personalities.

Read more on our Alumni Highlights page! Would you like to get your career started with an amazing international experience? Check out our program to see if it’s right for you. If you’re a Career Training USA alum, contribute to our Alumni Highlights page!

Elizabeth Cummings Elizabeth Cummings

Liz got the travel bug as a teenager when she volunteered in Mexico. After extensive travel, interning and studying abroad, she is excited to help others fulfill their dreams of experiencing another culture through InterExchange’s Career Training USA program.

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