Apply With a Friend and You'll Each Save $150!

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Would you like to save $150 on your InterExchange Career Training USA program fees? If you have a friend who also wants to intern or train in the USA, apply together and you will both get this amazing deal!

Here’s how to get the discount:

  1. In your online application, go to the “How did you hear about us?” section and write: “Apply with a friend: [friend’s name]" (ie. Jane Smith) in the Promotional Code box (see example below). You and your friend both need to name each other in your applications to qualify for the discount.

  2. Pay the full program fees and submit your applications. You and your friend must submit your applications within 30 days of each other to be eligible for the discount.

  3. You will each receive a $150 refund once both of your applications are submitted within the required timeframe!

Discount Rules

  • Please note that if one party is not approved for sponsorship, they will receive a refund according to our standard refund schedule. However, the discount will still be provided to the approved party as long as both applications are submitted within 30 days of each other.
  • This offer may not be used with more than one friend. If you have a third friend who is interested, encourage them to find a fourth friend and they can apply for the deal together!
  • This offer is available only for direct applicants to InterExchange Career Training USA. It is not available to people applying through international cooperators or lawyers.

Apply today and bring a friend to take advantage of this great discount off our already low, non-profit prices!

Elizabeth Cummings By

Liz got the travel bug as a teenager when she volunteered in Mexico. After extensive travel, interning and studying abroad, she is excited to help others fulfill their dreams of experiencing another culture through InterExchange’s Career Training USA program.

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