Globalize Your Office: Tips for Finding International Interns

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Are you interested in bringing an international perspective to your business? Or just widening the pool of candidates you recruit from? If you’re currently recruiting American interns, you have already taken the first step, but international interns can be a great addition to your company’s internship program. Read our tips on how to bring the world to your company.

International interns can be a great addition to your team!
International interns can be a great addition to your team!
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There are several advantages to reaching out to candidates through their university.

  • You can choose universities known for having a great program in your field.

  • Universities are happy to help connect you with their students. Many have internships listed on their website or in a career services office.

  • If you or a colleague have a connection to a professor or advisor, they can recommend their top students or those whose interests and skills best fit your organization.

If there is a university you are interested in working with, visiting the Career Services section of their website is usually the best way to find information for prospective employers.

Internship search sites

Many of these sites may be the same ones you use to recruit American interns, but adding that you’re open to international applicants can increase the number of such candidates that apply. If you’re looking for candidates from a certain country or region (for instance, a country where you’re looking to expand your business), you can find internship search sites in their area. Reach out to someone in your field from that country and ask what the local listing sites are. University advisors may be able to help you with this as well.

Professional Journals

You are probably already aware of some of the professional journals in your field. Any journals that have an international audience are likely read by students, professors, and recent graduates all over the world. If they have an internship listing area section on their website, you can find a large pool of qualified intern candidates from both the United States and abroad.

Professional Associations

Local professional associations are often branches of larger international organizations. They can be narrow in scope, focused on a very specific type of business, or quite broad, like a chamber of commerce. International professional associations are interested in creating links between their members in different countries. They may have internship listing sites or a specific person or office that handles cultural and business exchange programs. They also may be able to help you access journals, job/internship fairs, and other recruiting opportunities in other countries.


If your company doesn’t already list internships on its LinkedIn page, now is the time to start! It is truly a global networking site and many students, recent graduates, and young professionals search for internships here. This also allows you to search for candidates who have the qualifications you’re looking for.

Any of these options can help diversify and improve your intern recruitment process. Students from all over the world can benefit greatly from the experience as well as bringing a fresh perspective to your business and global learning opportunities for your American team.

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