Intern Experience: Eco-Friendly Architecture in NYC

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New York City-based Scape Landscape Architecture is a an architecture firm known for fusing environmental factors and community concerns to improve urban areas’ sustainability. They have previously worked on a diverse range of projects to help respond to storm damage and protect important areas from future flooding and damage, to refurbish areas to become eco-friendly public spaces that promote environmental learning, and to create parks and plazas that are both beautifully designed and also good for the environment.

Intern USA’s Leo presents to the group.
Intern USA’s Leo presents to the group.
Photo courtesy of SCAPE Landscape Architecture PLLC

Recently, they have had the pleasure of hosting two international interns through InterExchange. Kate, Hanna’s supervisor at SCAPE explains that they appreciate the “different perspectives and educational backgrounds that bring international students to SCAPE. We’ve found that international students who seek out opportunities in the U.S. are inherently more motivated, driven, and independent than the average student. These qualities typically translate to their work ethic in the office and their overall ability to adapt to a new culture and practice.”

A recent intern, Leo, said “They are very passionate about what they do and they do it well. They are professional in how they treat their interns and are very inclusive in trying to involve interns in many projects.”

Hanna, a current intern from Norway, said “I was set to work on a very interesting project the first day, and I am looking forward to keep on working on it throughout my time here. SCAPE’s focus on ecology in all their design is inspiring, and I am thrilled to be a part of this professional team, even just for a short period. I really like that they organize social events and happy hours so that we all can get to know each other outside the office as well. Great people and great office!”

Hanna talks about her home country, Norway.
Hanna talks about her home country, Norway.
Photo courtesy of SCAPE Landscape Architecture PLLC

The SCAPE team loved learning about the cultural backgrounds of their interns as well and have them give pecha kucha presentations about themselves and their home countries! These are 20-minute, 20-image presentations that help the company to get to know the interns and help the interns practice their presentation and public speaking skills in the process.

Kate says, “SCAPE is eager and open to including our international students as part of our year-round internship program.”

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Kristen Gartside Kristen Gartside

Kristen started at InterExchange Career Training USA in 2016 after returning from a year-long internship in London. She is thrilled to be able to help InterExchange participants embark on their very own internships abroad in the U.S. Kristen currently lives in New York City, holds a masters degree from the University of Oxford, and is hoping to travel to every corner of the globe.

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