What Kind of Work Can You Expect to Do as an International Intern or Trainee?

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International internship and career training programs are an excellent way to experience the diversity and pace of the modern workplace. In addition to providing participants from around the world with valuable work experience in a variety of industries and sectors, career training programs offer the opportunity to learn about U.S. culture and to observe how American businesses operate.

Many students and young professionals participating in these programs in the U.S. will find themselves working in busy offices across a variety of sectors. Individuals in such environments may have the opportunity to perform a range of tasks, from project management to organizational responsibilities and research.

In today’s globalized business environment, many professionals in knowledge-based industries such as accounting, advertising, and information technology work in fast-paced, dynamic offices, and these environments provide international interns with the opportunity to experience many exciting and stimulating projects. “I have developed many new sales and marketing skills, gaining far more insight in certain business processes than I had initially expected,” said Wim, a former InterExchange Career Training USA participant.

Depending on the individual workplaces, the kind of responsibilities international interns can expect will vary quite widely. For example, if students find themselves working at an accounting firm, they may be required to assist accountants with the preparation of reports or compile research on the company’s clients.

Individuals working for an architectural firm, on the other hand, may have the opportunity to learn more about computer-aided design software, sit in on meetings and presentations, or assist with blueprints for architects.

Business sectors such as marketing, advertising, and biotechnology are extremely competitive, and international internship and training programs can improve candidates’ chances in the job market. “It was a rich experience where I learned the American way of life, both in business and culture wise … I return to my country knowing that I carry an important experience that [I know will] be very useful to me in the future,” explained Joel S., another InterExchange Career Training USA participant.

Regardless of the kind of environment in which international interns find themselves working, those participating in career training programs should be hard-working, adaptable, and able to multitask effectively. Individuals working as interns should also be keen to learn more about international business, eager to participate in a professional environment, and ready to take on the challenge of adapting to a new office culture in a new country.

Today’s globalized business world is more competitive than ever. International internships can be an excellent way for ambitious, driven and determined individuals to set themselves apart from their peers and gain the valuable experience of training in a dynamic U.S. workplace.

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