Jump in, Even if You Don't Know How to Swim: Mauro Di Buono in New York

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I don’t know where to start to describe my time as an intern in New York City. The Big Apple is perhaps not the best city to experience the “American” culture; there are many ethnicities that make [up] NYC’s mixture of people. Yes, I have eaten a cheeseburger, celebrated Thanksgiving, and watched the New York Mets. That’s something you can’t miss. However, I do not think this is the main purpose of an exchange program.

I believe that such an experience is made to better know yourself. To get to know sides of your personality or character that you wouldn’t believe could exist. To develop some skills that you would not develop in your country or somewhere else in the world. I want to share what I learnt and encourage more and more people to jump into an experience like this. You will come back as a different person: a better one.

Mauro loved the New York City skyline!
Mauro loved the New York City skyline!
Photo courtesy of Mauro di Buono

First of all, you don’t need as much money as they say to live in the United States. Budgeting is the key. You will learn how to spend your money, how to deal, and negotiate with people. This is something that your internship will not teach you. And yes, rent can be cheap if you know how to search.

Second of all, you will meet amazing people. Each and every of them has a different background and a story to tell, just like you. Do not underestimate the power of networking. You can learn from people and you can find new opportunities just by meeting somebody at a bar. You will share unforgettable moments.

Use this time to invest in yourself. New York City and America in general provide opportunities that are not so easy to find somewhere else. Follow your passions and your hobbies; you will discover they are more than just that. You will discover you have a hidden talent somewhere inside you. This is the moment to let it blossom.

Mauro found one of the most beautiful parts of Central Park!
Mauro found one of the most beautiful parts of Central Park!
Photo courtesy of Mauro di Bueno

One more thing, the most important: Time is limited. Do not waste this opportunity. Live every day as if it were the last. You are the captain of your soul and the master of your fate.

Good luck,

Mauro D. Mauro D.

Mauro was a finance intern in New York City through Intern USA.

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