Max Perry Perinato - Participant Spotlight

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Taking Advantage of Amazing Opportunities

Max Perry Perinato is currently midway through a 17-month training program in Computer Engineering at NLYH LLC in New York City. Max is from Venice, Italy and initially had some apprehensions about how things would go with his new host employer.

Taking in views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the NYC Skyline.
Taking in views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the NYC Skyline.
Photo courtesy of Max Perry Perinato

“Before starting the career training, I was concerned with the speed of learning that was going to be required in order to keep up with the program’s objectives. In fact, I used to believe that the work environment in the U.S. was very highly demanding and always straight-to-business, therefore the company might leave up to me as the trainee the responsibility of filling my own knowledge gap. Conversely, at NLYH everyone was immediately friendly and supportive, avoiding any needless friction that is typical when entering a new workplace. Also, I must say that my supervisor has really a lot of patience, and is always available to teach or repeat any information I may need to perform my tasks.”

“Although I didn’t have any concrete background in microfinance, with the help of the team, and especially of my supervisor, I was able to learn quickly and take the most out of the training program without any stress or delay in the plan.”

“I’m very happy about my training at NLYH. Not only because I have the possibility to learn new concepts and skills from highly competent and experienced people, but also because the work environment is a nice one. In fact, I enjoy hearing anecdotes from my supervisor’s past experience. Besides, the company is very open to discussing new technologies and alternative approaches for their workflow. Having the opportunity to share your opinions really makes you feel useful, as well as your work more interesting.”

Experiencing U.S. Culture in New York City

Visiting Coney Island in Brooklyn.
Visiting Coney Island in Brooklyn.
Photo courtesy of Max Perry Perinato

“I believe the U.S. culture is open to everyone, and especially if you come to a large, multi-cultural city like NYC, it’s very easy to integrate.”

“In NYC there are really countless things to do and it’s very difficult to get bored. Amongst all, food is really a big one, and I enjoy experiencing cuisines from different cultures and discovering new tastes.”

“I also had fun attending my first baseball game - San Francisco Giants versus Yankees - where I had the opportunity to meet people from other cities and hear interesting facts. Another thing I like are block parties: The one for Harlem Day was really cool! Finally, going for a hike or chilling out at the gorgeous natural parks are also two of my favorite activities.”

Max likes to also share his Italian food culture with recipes, pastas, and Spritz, his favorite Italian drink. He is very active and has gone to many InterExchange events including visiting the UN, a Manhattan boat cruise, a baseball game, and our volunteering event at a food shelter. He has also made time to visit other cities in the Northeast!

Exploring the Boston Harbor.
Exploring the Boston Harbor.
Photo Courtesy of Max Perry Perinato

“An experience that really touched my heart and will never forget was serving food and beverages for the Monday Night Hospitality at the Unitarian Church of All Souls. There I could see a different face of the city that most of us … forget. I believe that helping people in need is an experience that makes you feel closer to other cultures, and I really loved doing it.”

With so many months to come, we hope that Max’s experience of living in New York City will only improve as he involves himself in all that the city has to offer!

Kristen Gartside Kristen Gartside

Kristen started at InterExchange Career Training USA in 2016 after returning from a year-long internship in London. She is thrilled to be able to help InterExchange participants embark on their very own internships abroad in the U.S. Kristen currently lives in New York City, holds a masters degree from the University of Oxford, and is hoping to travel to every corner of the globe.

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