Adios, Madrid!

2 minute read

As the end of my six-week journey in Madrid quickly approaches (I leave tomorrow morning) I am forced to reflect on what an amazing and life-changing experience I have been so blessed to be a part of. Although it feels like I have been in Spain for much longer than six weeks, it also feels as though my time here flew by!

In general, Madrid is the best city in the world. I can easily say that I have never been bored or have run out of things to do here ever. Whether it be a Monday morning or a Friday night there is always something new to see in Madrid, which is one of the many reasons why I love this city. I have been lucky enough to also travel to some other amazing locations as well, like Toledo, Segovia, Barcelona and even Rome, Italy. Thanks to InterExchange, I got the opportunity to see parts of the world that I never imagined. I met great new friends, saw famous and well-known attractions, ate some amazing food and developed great new relationships with the members of my host family.

During this trip I have learned so much not only about the country of Spain, but about myself as well. I learned how great it feels to have true independence for the first time, traveling around Europe and embracing the carefree lifestyle of those who live here. Thanks to the many people I have met during these six weeks, I can go back home and truly understand the importance of life and to always remember to enjoy the little things and just remember to have fun. There is a very clear cultural difference between the United States and Spain, and I am excited to take with me some of the new values, norms and cultural differences that I have experienced while living here. I will never forget this opportunity, and hopefully, with my newfound determination to travel and explore, I can come back next summer to visit my second home, Madrid!

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