How Our 2014 Grantees Empowered and Advanced Their Communities

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Alicia G.

Alicia G.
Kara, Togo

Alicia G. volunteered with Hope Through Health in Kara, Togo. She conducted research to evaluate a maternal and child health pilot program and updated the clinic's data collection system.

“The most memorable part of my experience was all the local travel I did as part of my research in rural Togo. Being able to explore all the little villages served by the clinic where I volunteered, as well as some of the bigger cities around the country where we could make possible connections with other organizations, was an incredible way to better understand the country, the climate, and the different populations I was working with.”

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Amy T.

Amy T.
Bangkok, Thailand

Amy did a seven-month internship with the Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network (APRRN) in Bangkok, Thailand, where she provided programmatic support to a number of ongoing projects.

“In addition to daily communication issues, working in a regional organization gave me the opportunity to see how many different ways organizations approach local, national, and international advocacy. I sat in on a number of meetings with participants from countries all over the region and saw how different cultures influence different styles of communication and result in different perspectives on problem solving.”

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Natalie B.

Natalie B.
Managua, Nicaragua

Natalie volunteered with Manna Project International, a nonprofit organization committed to holistic community development in Latin America.

“I have learned that committing yourself to a cause, to a goal, to a community, is what creates true change both on a personal level and on a development level.”

“I am confident that this experience has fostered the relationships and professional development skills necessary to be a successful and culturally competent nurse. It has inspired me to be an advocate for change, an advocate for all patients and their families, and an advocate for everlasting global relationships.”

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