Greetings from Guatemala City!

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My name is Ethan Faber and I am a geological engineer from the United States. I have been working on my master’s degree in landslide risk reduction in Guatemala City and recently, I was given the opportunity to become involved with ESFRA (a local non-profit in Guatemala City) on a project to reduce the risk from landslides in precarious settlements around the city.

A typical slope found throughout Guatemala City with a community located on the steep ravine that is exposed to high landslide risk.

ESFRA is a non-profit, who works on projects related to risk management and strengthening of the capacities of communities around Guatemala City. Their work initiated from being involved with the response and recovery efforts from the major earthquake (7.6 M) that struck Guatemala in 1976, and killed thousands of people and injured and destroyed lives of countless others. The goal of the project, that I am involved with, focuses on reducing landslide risk by increasing the awareness and education on landslide risk to community leaders.

I am really excited to be a part of this project because I know I will have the opportunity to learn a great deal about the culture of Guatemalan communities and landslide risk reduction methods and practices used on all levels by the country. Equally, I believe I can be of help by sharing my knowledge on the landslide risk reduction methods and practices commonly used in the United States to work with the people of Guatemala to find out if innovative approaches in landslide risk reduction can be discovered to benefit others.

So far, my time in Guatemala has shown me how kind everyone is here and that I have many great opportunities ahead of me. I cannot wait to become a part of the project with ESFRA!



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