Final Steps of Landside Risk Reduction Project!

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Since my last post, I had been working hard to get the final documents together to submit for approval from the national government for my landslide risk reduction project. As of Tuesday, I met with CONRED, the national government organization that works on landslide risk reduction, and they have given technical approval of the project (pending very minor changes)!

This is very exciting and such a big step for the project. Even more, CONRED wants to adopt the project so they can implement it themselves. This is great because it gives the project the greatest chance of reaching the most people. I definitely could not have asked for anything better.

ethan giving a presentation
ethan giving a presentation
Presenting project to CONRED officials. Photo courtesy of Ethan

Over the next weeks, I will be working hard getting all the material together to transfer to CONRED and hold a workshop meeting to disseminate the rest of the project. This will mark the end of my direct involvement with the project down here in Guatemala, but there have already been discussions on ways that I will remain involved and keep the momentum going.

In addition, David, a fellow alum from the Colorado School of Mines where I just graduated, is starting his work on landslides in Guatemala to build off of my work; he’ll move here in January. I’m excited to see where my project will go and where David’s work will take him!

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