Four Reasons It's Worth Paying for a Teach English Abroad Program


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My students in South Korea
My students in South Korea
Image courtesy of Ashley Lulling

Thousands of English speakers aspire to teach overseas and while it’s possible to organize a job directly through an employer or a volunteer role directly with a family, many find it beneficial to have the support of an organized program, especially during their first experience. Here are four reasons joining a program like InterExchange could make sense for you:

1. In-Country Support from Our Partners

InterExchange has a partner in each country we offer a program. Their job is to support you and provide guidance about living and teaching in your host country. If you have a problem and need assistance, you have a team to provide guidance and mediation, if necessary.

Our Summer English Camp Italy program includes an orientation to help acclimate you to the area and prepare you for the camp counseling experience. At orientation you’ll receive a comprehensive activity book to use at the camp and travel tips for your free time.

InterExchange’s Summer English Camp Italy program includes an orientation and accommodation.
InterExchange’s Summer English Camp Italy program includes an orientation and accommodation.
Image courtesy of Samantha K.

2. Vetted Placements

On our Language Homestay programs in France and Italy, our in-country partners vet the host families and ensure participants are placed in safe environments. Could you find a host family on your own? Sure, but wouldn’t you rather live with a family that’s been screened?

3. Pre-Departure Support

Moving abroad can be overwhelming. There are many things to consider—flights, paying bills back home, travel health insurance, immunizations, and so on. Our team at InterExchange is here to answer your questions and provide guidance about moving abroad to teach. Every staff member has lived and worked abroad, so we understand the challenges of such sojourns.

4. Program Fees go into the Program

As a non-profit, almost all of InterExchange’s fees go into our programs—the pre-departure guidance, placement in a carefully screened host family, and in-country support. We care about each of our participants and offer the opportunity for them to reflect deeply about their cultural exchange experience (and build their resume!) through our Ambassador Program. We also offer alumni resources, such as our Language Exchange Program.

Is a teaching program for everyone? Of course not. Though if it’s your first time teaching abroad and/or your first time in the host country, a program can provide the support and guidance to give you peace of mind.

Read more about our Teach English Abroad programs and become part of a community building cross-cultural understanding.

Language Homestay Italy program participant Jordyn with her host children
Language Homestay Italy program participant Jordyn with her host children
Image courtesy of Jordyn H.

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After earning a M.A. in Diplomacy & International Relations and teaching English in South Korea, Ashley joined InterExchange to promote cross-cultural understanding and help others have amazing experiences abroad.

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