How to Tutor English for a Family in Europe


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Have you always wanted to spend a few months in Europe, but aren’t sure how to make it happen? Embrace your adventure by teaching English as a volunteer tutor!

What is the Language Homestay program?

On the Language Homestay Program, you’ll live with a local host family and help your host kids improve their conversational English through games, activities, and conversation.

This role is unique because you don’t need formal English tutoring experience or fluency in your host country’s language.

What you do need is maturity, flexibility, enthusiasm about living with a host family, and a desire to experience your host country like a local.

Living in a foreign country and being surrounded by a foreign language was the bravest thing I’ve ever done. I gained so much confidence from pushing my boundaries and going off on my own, and I grew to be an adept traveler. I learned I'm adaptable, and my confidence soared. Danielle, Participant in Spain

Danielle and Jess, another Language Homestay participant, in Spain.
Danielle and Jess, another Language Homestay participant, in Spain.
Image courtesy of Danielle M

What are the details of the Language Homestay program?

Language Homestay is a volunteer program where you’ll live with a host family in Italy, Spain, or France for 4 to 12 weeks and provide 15 hours of English tutoring weekly.

In return for volunteering your time, you’ll receive:

  • Private room and home cooked meals from your host family
  • Sample lesson plans for your English tutoring
  • Local support in Italy, France, or Spain including a 24/7 emergency line
  • Pre-departure and alumni support
  • Immersion in a different culture
  • Increased language skills in your host country’s native tongue
  • Connections with other volunteers nearby
  • Flexibility to explore your community, host country, and the rest of Europe

Participant Natalie with her host family in Spain.
Participant Natalie with her host family in Spain.
Image courtesy of Natalie E.

How much does it cost?

Since your host family provides accommodation and all of your meals, your major living expenses are covered. Here are the fees you’ll need to plan for:

  • Program Fee: starting at $695 (dependent on number of weeks)
  • Round-Trip Airfare
  • Personal spending money
  • Travel health insurance (InterExchange will provide affordable options to consider)

Why do I have to pay a program fee?

We know it may seem odd to pay a fee to volunteer, but if you’re looking to spend several weeks in Europe on a budget, this is one of your most affordable options! As a non-profit organization, InterExchange aims to keep program costs low. That being said, program fees make it possible for us to promote our programs, pay staff to review applications and provide support, cover costs of international partner agencies, and reinvest in the InterExchange Foundation so we can support even more aspiring global citizens.

Participant Maia soaking up the Paris skyline.
Participant Maia soaking up the Paris skyline.
Image courtesy of Maia H.

Living with a French family offered a truly authentic experience, and I was able to make a strong connection with my host family. It was rewarding to see how the children developed, and I was proud to hear that the oldest child received excellent test scores after all of our preparation. Maia, Participant in France

When can I start?

You can start the Language Homestay program year-round, including throughout the summer. Start and end dates are flexible; you’ll arrange them directly with your host family. Simply apply at least three months before you’d like to arrive. You’re welcome to apply earlier, too.

Follow the links to find out more about your adventure in Italy, France, or Spain.

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