Leaving Your Second Home

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Castle Ruins in France
Castle Ruins in France
Image courtesy of Hunter

In life only one thing is certain, everything must and will eventually come to an end. Traveling, and immersing yourself in a new world, is in no way immune to this inevitable fate which everything must suffer. Although it must end, however, one must not forget to continue to look forward; as a phoenix is reborn from its ashes, new opportunities and adventures await you while others must close. This is what must be remembered when it comes time to pack your bags and return from whence you came.

I have spent the past three months of my life living with the most incredible family in France I could have asked for. These people who were at one time complete strangers to me, have been gracious enough to take me in, and show me all that their world has to offer. Despite my time with them being short, the memories and bonds forged here will remain and perpetuate for the endurance of my being. Words have not the power and eloquence to express all that they now mean to me, for the truly are my family.

While this chapter does close, I know that my adventures with my family in France are far from over. We will continue to see each other, talk and be a part of each other’s lives for many years to come. Anyone embarking upon such an expedition as I have just concluded should remember one thing: People are people no matter where you are, and it is those people who make traveling to different places so prodigious. As long as one has this in mind, you will always gain the most possible from your travels.

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