Returnee Resources for U.S. Citizens


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U.S. citizens returning from their InterExchange programs overseas enjoy numerous alumni resources - here are just a few of them!

Program Reflection

Start unpacking your experience with our Program Reflection. Living and working or volunteering abroad impacts us in so many ways. This is an opportunity to reflect on how you’ve grown and how you’re feeling post-program.

Language Learning

Continue your language learning at home and help someone from outside the U.S. practice their English! Our free Language Partner Program connects you with an InterExchange participant or alumni from one of our J-1 Visa programs. This is a great way to continue making new connections and learning about other parts of the world. No long-term commitment required and it’s perfectly fine if you’re a beginner in your target language!

Discounts on Future Progams (for you and your friends)!

Thinking about traveling with us again? We’ll be happy to offer a discount on any future program with InterExchange. Specific discounts will depend on the program so please check in with us (excludes Work & Travel Canada programs).

Share Your Experience and Earn Rewards

Contribute Content

We’re interested in publishing your content! If you’d like to submit an article, photo story, or video, drop us a line! You’ll get a published piece with a byline, another opportunity to reflect on your time abroad, and a stipend.

Become an Ambassador

We travel to high schools and colleges to share information about our programs. If you’d like to serve as an ambassador by sharing your experience with students, let us know. Talking about your experience is a great reflective opportunity, you’ll help potential travelers eager to hear from former participants, and get a stipend (in effect as of May 1, 2020). We’re open to other ways you can serve as an ambassador, such as posting a video on your social feeds about your InterExchange experience.

Post a Review

We encourage you to share your experience with future travelers by posting a review on GoAbroad.

InterExchange participants in New Zealand
InterExchange participants in New Zealand
Image courtesy of Katie M.

Attend an InterExchange Event!

InterExchange organizes and co-sponsors events and activities throughout the U.S. We’d love for you to join them and invite you to explore our events page. Note that certain events are specifically geared towards J-1 Visa participants here in the U.S., but don’t be shy; feel free to sign up for anything that looks fun and we’ll contact you with details!

We’re always building on our support and resources and invite your feedback as well. We hope you’ll stay engaged as an alumni and hope we can continue to support your travel and intercultural learning!

Join a Community of Travelers

Small Planet Studio’s Facebook Group for Returnees is for anyone who has lived, studied, worked, volunteered, or traveled abroad. Small Planet Studio founder Dr. Cate Brubaker has 20+ years of experience in international and intercultural education to help returnees from abroad process their experiences.

We’re always building on our support and resources and invite your feedback as well. If there’s a resource you’d love, let us know. We hope you’ll stay engaged as returnees and that we can continue to support your travel and intercultural learning!

InterExchange Staff By

InterExchange is proud to have an experienced team that is dedicated to international cultural exchange. We come from a variety of backgrounds, but nearly every member of our New York City-based staff has extensive experience traveling, working, or living abroad.

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