5 Reasons to Work & Travel with InterExchange!

1. A Positive Cultural Exchange



Provincetown, MA

I've improved my English, and made lots of friends. What I think it's the best part of the program is the chance to share our cultures. Especially when you can spend time with some people from other nationalities and learn about their countries.

— Andres from Colombia
Host Community of Provincetown, MA



Dennis, MA

I've been learning every single day with people who are around me. I've practiced my English skills and made some good plans with other exchange students and locals. I experience American culture through the places I visit and the food that I eat. It's been a great summer in every single aspect.

— Jhon from Colombia
Host Community of Dennis, MA



Duluth, MN

The city and nature are awesome. Citizens are very kind, polite and warm toward us. In every cases, they try to help us, give advice about the city adventures, people, activities and etc. I didn’t expect such an amazing environment here before coming. Now, I am so happy to be a member of this program and a part of this great international, social activity.

— Nijat from Azerbaijan
Host Community of Duluth, MN

2. Meaningful Life Skills



Hampton, NH

I had a great opportunity to work in the kitchen and learn how to cook. I also learned how communicate with people in different languages and to solve problems and deal with difficulties. I also traveled around New Hampshire exploring beautiful nature and learning more about American life and people itself.

— Inna from Kazakhstan
Host Community of Hampton, NH



Ocean City, NJ

I’m getting an unforgettable experiences here in USA, I’m making lots of international friends exploring their cultures and traditions. This work and travel program is very practical and useful for students, this is a good chance to improve English skills and broaden their outlook.

— Sarvarbek from Uzbekistan
Host Community of Ocean City, NJ

3. A Unique Job Experience


the Philippines

Sedona, AZ

For a month that I’ve been working in Enchantment Resort, I learned many things especially how to get along with other people, to your co-workers even if there’s some difficulties is communication, other than that I learned to enjoy and love what I am doing everyday.

— Joannie from the Philippines
Host Community of Sedona, AZ



New London, CT

The job is amazing, I get to meet and interact with a lot of people, improving my English and communication skills more and more every day. Housing and location is excellent as well, Long Island is beautiful!

— Mario from Macedonia
Host Community of New London, CT

4. A New Community of Friends



Bangor, ME

The last days at the workplace were amazing because everybody made me a lot of surprises, and little gifts and i am sure i will keep in touch with them after i go home. It's very hard to leave from here because those people are for me a second family. I hope i will met them again one day and some of them said they will come in my country. I had a wonderful summer!

— Ioana from Romania
Host Community of Bangor, ME



Estes Park, CO

I am working with international students from all over the world, we have lots of fun, go on hikes to the National Park in days off and talk about our culture, I even started to learn a new language! Program gave me a chance to travel and build the most valuable asset in my life- connections to kind and wonderful people!

— Anna from Russia
Host Community of Estes Park, CO

5. Support and Assistance in the U.S.



Chatham, MA

You ladies and gentleman are amazing. InterExchange has been answering all my questions since day one within a couple of days. That makes my participating of the program amazing and I feel calm and happy about everything.

— Gero from Bulgaria
Host Community of Chatham, MA


Dominican Republic

Pray, MT

Interexchange has always been making sure that I’m having a great experience in the USA, always helping me with tips and ideas about how to make my summer experience the best.

— Rudailin from Dominican Republic
Host Community of Pray, MT

Darian Alexis By

Darian is the Participant Services Coordinator for the Work & Travel USA Program and joined InterExchange in 2018. Her experience teaching in Thailand and studying abroad in Australia and England developed into a passion for cultural exchange. She is excited to helps students experience the many benefits of International cultural exchange in the U.S.

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