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In our second edition of InterExchange Cooks, Kevin from Work & Travel USA tried his hand in making Syrniki, a Russian dish recommended by one of our summer participants. Kevin shared his story and the process of making this delicious dish.

Over the course of a few video check-ins with a participant from Russia, we covered a wide range of topics about our cultures. One of the first ones to come up was favorite dishes that our moms prepared. I shared chicken parmesan, which reminds me of coming home after time away at school and birthday dinners.

Food can be the focus of the evening or simply a backdrop to celebrating with friends. For me, the best meals have always been a combination of the two, like that 1 AM milkshake after opening night of my first high school musical. However, we both agreed that foods cooked at home and with family (whatever that looks like) hold a special spot in our minds.

Syrniki being prepared

This student shared Syrniki, a unique take on a sweet breakfast treat that reminds her of getting to spend quality weekend time with her mom and sister. Syrniki is similar to pancakes, but the addition of “Tvorog,” a dry and tangy Russian cheese, gives them a unique texture and flavor. This type of can cheese can be found in most supermarkets under the name of “Farmer’s Cheese.”

Syrniki being prepared

The recipe will go over where to find Tvorog, and possible substitutes if that is not available. Additionally, full instructions and topping ideas will also be laid out. I hope that this recipe can be the savory star of a weekend breakfast for you.

Syrniki being prepared

I found that keeping them lightly packed and small was best. The smaller ones had the perfect combination of crispy outside and fluffy inside. While cooking, they smelled just like Zeppole, an Italian fried dough. An Eastern Europe recipe reminding me of a classic boardwalk sweet that I haven’t had in years made me smile. Next time you have a free Saturday morning, grab some friends (or just some good music if no one is around) and enjoy this unique Eastern European dish.

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