It Doesn't Matter How Many Places You Travel To — It Just Matters That You Go!

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By Mary Grey, Program Manager for InterExchange Working Abroad

I've never been one to count the number of countries I visit, but I do enjoy seeing friends' posts on Facebook, on LinkedIn profiles, exclaiming, "39 countries visited!" "That trip just made #19!"

I am an avid traveler and fall in love every time I visit a new country and have the opportunity to explore a different culture. I don't always keep count, though, because I want endless travels. I don't plan to stop at #28 or #42 or even #60.

In the end, it's not really about the number anyway. It's about learning about the world around us and understanding people from cultures different from our own. What I want to take away from all my travels is the experience.  Whether skydiving in Switzerland country is #2 or jogging by a tai-chi class on my morning run in China #12, in the end it doesn't really matter. What I do know is that regardless of the number of countries I get to explore I will soak up all that I can from the people I meet and the adventures I have along the way. The possibilities are numberless.

And in case you are interested in going abroad like we always are, check out the New York Times Practical Traveler column today. It's filled with useful information about when and how to buy plane tickets for your next big adventure!

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