On My Way to Australia!

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InterExchange Working Abroad Ambassador Allie, Au Pair Australia

After sixth months of stressing, planning and people telling me to watch out for baby eating dingos and killer spiders, I am finally on my way to Australia!!!

I started off the day in Kansas City, traveled to San Francisco, and am now waiting for a few hours to get on the 14 hour plane ride to Sydney for orientation. I stayed up until the early morning hours last night, which I thought at the time was pretty foolish because I would be too tired to function today. Turns out my adrenaline brought on by flying for the first time by myself kept me awake long enough to crash right before my flight, which works out perfectly! I will be able to sleep like a baby on the plane (unless I have to sit by a crying baby that is). So if you are reading this, and you want my advice, stay up late the night before so that you are good and exhausted for the long flight.

So other than that, I have been eating beef jerky and granola bars( thanks mom), and watching "Cars" so that I can keep up with the "Cars" obsessed four year old I will be taking care of in three days. Pretty uneventful, but that is fine by me.

So because I am looking for something to do besides these thrilling activities, I thought I would compile a list of last minute things to check on before leaving the country for anyone that is planning on doing so soon!

Things to do Before Leaving the Country
-charge any electrical devices that you take
-get an energy converter and plug converter for previously mentioned electrical devices
-let your bank know that you are leaving the country and find out spending limits on credit cards and debit cards
-look for corresponding banks in your host country
-check customs for any prohibited items
-check in to your flight within 24 hours of leaving (the sooner the better)
-check baggage allowances and weigh your bags
-make sure liquids are the right size and are in a clear 1 quart bag
-print off itineraries, tickets, insurance, visa, phone numbers/addresses of host family or place you are staying in your host country
-put an itinerary in each checked bag in case of lost luggage
-label bags inside and out with your destination and name
-print any vouchers that you have
-make copies of EVERYTHING for your family so that they have backups if they need them
-find an appropriate present for your host family that represents where you are from
-get 6 month prescriptions for any medications that you need (or however long you need them for)
-bring snacks for the plane (airport food is expensive)

So I am sure that is not comprehensive, but maybe it helped someone?

I need to get back to watching Lightning Mcqueen dominate the race, but I will be sure to post again when this adventure gets a little more exciting!

Au Pair Australia
Au Pair Australia

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