Experience the National Parks of Costa Rica as an International Volunteer

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Costa Rica is a small Central American country bordered by Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south. This tiny nation is home to a stunning range of exotic plants and animals and has some of the most diverse landscapes in Central America.

It is thanks to the continued efforts of dedicated environmentalists and conservation experts that this stunning natural diversity has grown and flourished, even as other nations suffer from the exploitation of their countries' natural resources.

Individuals participating in work abroad or volunteer programs have the opportunity to see Costa Rica's 26 national parks and wildlife refuges firsthand and learn more about how crucial the country's ecosystem is to the delicate balance of nature.

A Tropical Paradise

Costa Ricans are keenly aware of the importance of the environment. The country is frequently cited as an example of how governments and private enterprises can work together to preserve the environment and is the only country to meet all of the sustainability criteria established by the United Nations Development Program.

The landscapes of Costa Rica are almost as diverse as the animals that inhabit them. Much of the country's rainforest and jungle is divided into national parks and areas of environmental conservation, and the nation's beaches and reefs are afforded the same level of protection.

Ecotourism is vitally important to the Costa Rican economy.
Individuals on work and volunteer abroad programs can experience how precious the natural environment is, both ecologically and economically.

Preserving the Natural Order

It is not just the environment that is in need of protection. Many of the country's most exotic animals are agressively pursued by poachers. Active conservationists are crucial to ensuring that species survive. Individuals participating in overseas programs in Costa Rica will learn the value of protecting these endangered species and helping ensure that the country's lush forests and their inhabitants are preserved for future generations.

Today, the Costa Rican government provides financial incentives to companies in order to protect the country's natural resources and 26 national parks. From sustainable farming to responsible use of raw materials, Costa Rica is leading the way when it comes to environmental conservation, and individuals participating in work abroad or volunteer programs can contribute to these noble goals.

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