Uncontrollable Thoughts: What Will Teaching English in Spain Be Like?

2 minutes

As I hop on the metro to visit the lovely city of Los Angeles, my thoughts begin to wonder what the city of Madrid will be like. Maybe the streets are like Los Angeles where I can smell fresh street foods from a mile away, crowded with people as I try to get to my destination. Are the people generally nice or will they be rude because I am a tourist? Will there be a ton of trees and greenery near my home? I have no idea what to expect. I have heard the metro and bus systems are some of the greatest in Europe so that gives me a sigh of relief.

As my metro ride continues, my nerves and excitement for my trip begin to arise and more thoughts begin to flood my head.

I am not positive about what I should expect to happen during my time here as a Teach English in Spain - Conversation Coach with my new family, but I believe that is the most exciting aspect of this program. I love being thrown into new situations and exploring outside of my comfort zone. What better way to do that than fly thousands of miles across the world and live with a family different than my own? I am beyond excited to meet my new family whom I will be living with for the next three months and I hope we are able to bond with one another as if I were another member of the family.

One of my end goals after college is to travel abroad so I can continue to learn about different cultures and people, all while teaching English. This opportunity that InterExchange has given me to live with a family and not only take care of, but also teach, their children English is a small glimpse of what my future may look like. Aside from my nervous thoughts, I am very thankful and thrilled for this opportunity that I have been given and I cannot wait to be challenged in ways I have never been before.

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