Arrival and First Impressions: Teach English Thailand

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Lantern festival in Tha Wang. Photo courtesy of Phoenix.

Driving through the mountains I notice drastic contrasts in color and texture. From lush forest greens of every shade to tiny villages filled with glistening street foods and locals surprised to see a bearded farang (foreigner) deep in their country sanctuary. Mountainous and filled with the promise of adventure, the excitement builds as we pull into the sleepy town of Tha Wang Pha.

Countryside in Thailand
Countryside in Thailand

Photo courtesy of InterExchange’s partner in Thailand.

Our coordinators have been incredibly helpful, and accommodating and somehow managed to master American humor despite their limited contact with westerners. Smiles surround us as we eat our way to our sleepy little village deep in the mountains of the remote Nan province, which shares a boarder with Laos.

Phoenix is a participant in the InterExchange Teach English Thailand program.

Phoenix Phoenix

Phoenix participated on InterExchange's Teach English Thailand program.

Teach English Thailand
Teach English Thailand

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