Don’t Let These Things Stop You From Working & Traveling

By Joy Lo

Have you always wanted to try a working holiday in a different country but aren’t sure if it’s the right fit for you?

We’ve debunked the five most common concerns about working while traveling outside of the U.S. so you can get started on your adventure.


A working holiday allows you to combine international travel with earning money. Image courtesy of InterExchange.


I can’t afford it.


I’ll earn money while I travel.

One of the unique parts of a working holiday visa is the ability to earn money while traveling. Unlike being a tourist, you’ll pick up short-term or seasonal jobs so you can continue to fund your trip.

The upfront costs of work and travel programs are the program fee, flights, travel medical insurance, visa fee, and savings to cover initial costs like rent, food, and transportation before you receive your first paycheck.

Once you start working, you can earn that money back - and then some.


I won't find a job when I arrive.


Seasonal jobs are easily accessible.

Most employers won’t hire someone until they know they’re in the country and eligible to work. Employers are accustomed to and need to hire seasonal staff - they’ll be expecting people like you! Plus, as an English speaker, you may have an easier time finding work than other working holiday travelers.

Still a bit concerned? We provide support when you arrive to help you find a job.

InterExchange walked me through different seasonal jobs and places to work, plus they told me what each region in New Zealand was known for. They also helped set up my cellphone and bank account before I arrived. This information was invaluable in finding a job.
— Eric, Work & Travel New Zealand participant


It won’t help my career development.


I’ll develop global workforce skills.

Living, traveling, and working in a different culture enhances your global workforce skills by leaps and bounds, no matter what role you’re in. What exactly are those skills? Curiosity, flexibility, confidence, self-awareness, communication, problem-solving, tolerance, and adaptability, just to name a few.

There is nothing like problem-solving on the fly, in a country that you’re not familiar with. You’ll grow more than you can imagine!


I’ll need to put my professional goals on hold.


I’ll network in a new culture.

It's true that the most straightforward jobs to find are seasonal in nature, like at hotels, bars, restaurants, ski resorts, office temping, agriculture, and more. However, you can definitely look for a job in your field!

An advantage of having a more casual job is that it leaves plenty of time for networking. Reach out to the big players in your desired career and ask them for an informational interview. Attend professional events or lectures to learn about your field from a fresh cultural perspective.

Once you're in the country on a working holiday visa, you can explore all kinds of interests just like you would at home. This can greatly enhance your network and career prospects, not to mention it will up your confidence and travel game.


I’ll miss my friends too much.


I’ll meet new people while traveling.

Taking a job abroad is a fantastic way to meet people and make new friends. Working holiday visas are popular in the countries that we offer, so you’ll meet other travelers as well as locals throughout your journey.

Still hesitant to leave your bestie behind? Take them with you! For many programs, we offer group discounts on our program fee.

Wishing you all the best on your working holiday adventure!

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