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Share your adventures from a cultural immersion summer

Share your adventures from a cultural immersion summer

Are you ready for a truly adventurous summer 2023? It's right around the corner, and we've put together a few ideas to help you truly make the most of this cultural immersion experience! The best part? You could win an Apple iPad or other prizes by sharing your experiences with others!

Our American Adventure Quest contest is your chance to compete with other InterExchange participants by posting photos and videos of your intercultural exchange activities on Instagram. Our panel of judges will choose winning entries based on creativity, enthusiasm, and engagement with the local community and other international students.



First Place Prize

First Prize: Apple iPad ($449 value)

Second Place Prize

Second Prize: InterExchange surprise gift pack ($75 value)

Third Place Prize

Third Prize: InterExchange surprise gift pack ($50 value)

First Place PrizeFirst Prize: Apple iPad ($449 value)

Second Place PrizeSecond Prize: InterExchange surprise gift pack ($75 value)

Third Place PrizeThird Prize: InterExchange surprise gift pack ($50 value)

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?


1. Register

You must be an InterExchange participant visiting the United States during the contest period (May 15, 2023-August 15, 2023).

Create, Tag & Share

2. Create, Tag & Share

Take photos or videos of yourself engaged in the intercultural activities and post them on a publicly-accessible Instagram account using hashtag #Ameriventure2023 and tagging @InterExchange

Win the prizes

3. Win the prizes

You must complete at least five (5) activities from the list to be eligible for prizes. Winners will be announced on the official InterExchange Instagram account.

The InterExchange American Adventure Quest Official Rules

Intercultural Activities

Intercultural Activities

You must complete at least five (5) activities from the list to be eligible for prizes. You may collaborate with other international students during the contest but you must submit your own individual entries.

Bear playing violin
  1. Attend a concert or film festival.
  2. Collaborate with local artists to create a cultural fusion project.
  3. Participate in a talent show.
  4. Visit a museum or art show.
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  1. Attend a summer holiday event (Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, etc.)
  2. Attend an LGBTQ+ pride event.
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Community Engagement
  1. Attend a local festival, farmers' market, or other event in your host community.
  2. Attend a themed party or costume event.
  3. Volunteer for a local non-profit organization or community service project.
  4. Attend an American-style barbecue or picnic and capture a photo of yourself enjoying the food and atmosphere.

Culture & Language
  1. Create a video with interesting facts about your home country, language, or culture.
  2. Describe an “Aha! Moment” when you discovered something new and surprising about the USA.
  3. Learn a popular American slang or idiom and create a video explaining it to your friends back home.

  1. Attend a public astronomy event or stargazing night.
  2. Make s'mores or cook other food over a campfire.
  3. Visit national parks or nature reserves.
Sports & Leisure
  1. Attend a local sports game (e.g., basketball, baseball, or American football) and take a photo or a video with the team's mascot or fans.
  2. Try a popular American hobby or activity (e.g., line dancing, bowling, or surfing) and capture a photo or video of yourself in action.

Travel & Tourism
  1. Visit a famous American landmark and snap a picture with it.
  2. Take a road trip with new friends and document it.
BONUS: Choose Your Own Adventure

Surprise us with another intercultural activity with your new American friends and colleagues that showcases the cultural exchange aspect of your InterExchange program!

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