The application for a Christianson Fellowship is completed online. You will need to create an account to access the application form. Applications are reviewed after the close of each application deadline (March 15, July 15, October 15) and you will be notified within two weeks of the deadline whether or not you are invited for an interview.

The application for an InterExchange Foundation Christianson Fellowship includes:

  1. Personal & educational information
  2. Travel history (year, duration, country, reason for traveling)
  3. Project details: Outline your tasks, project goals, and how these goals will be measured. In light of COVID-19, describe any restrictions related to travel to and from the project location and the safety measures and protocols that are in place at your project location.
  4. Detailed project budget: Including proof of all fees (e.g. screenshot of flight prices, local living costs)—estimated costs are acceptable
  5. Two signed letters of recommendation: One letter may be from an academic instructor and the other must be from a supervisor, employer, or coach.
  6. Essay (one to two pages) answering each part of the following prompt: “Detail the specific skills and experience you will contribute to your host organization and what you hope to learn during your project. Explain how you will apply this experience to your future plans.”
  7. Resume (no longer than one page)
  8. Photocopy of valid U.S. passport or permanent resident card
  9. $50 non-refundable application fee

For any questions regarding applying for a Christianson Fellowship please email

U.S. Department of State-Designated J-1 Visa Sponsor
Alliance for International Exchange
The International Coalition for Global Education and Exchange
European-American Chamber of Commerce New York
Global Ties U.S.
International Au Pair Association
WYSE Travel Confederation