Here are some of the organizations that have hosted InterExchange Christianson Grant recipients around the world.

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Host Organization: Village Health Works  Grant Recipient: Jessica L. Activities: IT Manager at small health clinic in Burundi


Host Organization: Advance Africa  Grant Recipient: Courtney K. Activities: Health education and home-based care for HIV/AIDS patients


Host Organization: Ripple Africa Grant Recipient: Kendall B. Activities: Volunteer nurse - Community and home health


Host Organization: Gardens for Health International  Grant Recipient: Johan H. Activities: Program Coordinator

Host Organization: Generation Rwanda Grant Recipient: Leslie R. Activities: Teaching and designing English language programs, Women’s empowerment

South Africa

Host Organization: Grassroot Soccer Grant Recipient: Stephanie G. Activities: Participant recruitment, program support, event planning

Host Organization: Indigo Youth Movement Grant Recipient: Julia G. Activities: Artist residency, art education

Host Organization: People Against Suffering, Oppression & Poverty Grant Recipient: Natalia L. Activities: Intern - Refugee rights projects, advocacy, legal research, assistance for asylum seekers

Host Organization: Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town Grant Recipient: Marijke K. Activities: Intern - Refugee rights projects, advocacy, legal research, assistance for asylum seekers


Host Organization: 2SeedsNetwork Grant Recipient: David R. Activities: Food and income security for rural farmers, data collection and dissemination

Host Organization: Duke-KCMC Women’s Health Partnership Grant Recipient: Andrew W. Activities: Emergency obstetric care training, community health assessment

Host Organization: Global Service Corps Grant Recipient: Ryne K. Activities: Sustainable agriculture internship

Host Organization: Roots & Shoots, the Jane Goodall Institute Grant Recipient: Shannon H. Activities: Environmental & social improvement projects


Host Organization: Hope Through Health Grant Recipient: Alicia G. Activities: Maternal and child health research, date collection, clinic capacity-building


Host Organization: Kasiisi School Project Grant Recipient: Jeffrey B. Activities: Planning and leading school trips for primary school students; Assisting with One Laptop Per Child initiative; Video & web assistance

Host Organization: Kasokwa Forest Project, Conservation with Public Health Grant Recipient: Beth M. Activities: Human-wildlife conflict mitigation, education & gorilla conservation

Host Organization: Massachusetts General Hospital’s (MGH) Global Primary Care Program, a division of Partners Healthcare Grant Recipient: Juliana B. Activities: Program Assistant for Global Primary Care Program - Research, planning & implementation of new services

Host Organization: Partners for Access Grant Recipient: Erin S. Activities: Assistant manager for community health nurses & grant writing

Host Organization: Midwife International Grant Recipient: Kelsi H. Activities: Midwifery Training Program


Host Organization: Ngoma Dolce Music Academy Grant Recipient: Jason W. Activities: Teaching jazz drumset; training permanent jazz drum teacher

East Asia


Host Organization: County Hospital of Yongtai Grant Recipient: Gibran M. Activities: Public health volunteer and medical assistant

Host Organization: Population Services International Grant Recipient: Jennifer F. Activities: HIV/AIDS prevention


Host Organization: Malaysian Institute for Road Safety Grant Recipient: Ellen S. Activities: Development of road safety education


Host Organization: Border Green Energy Team Grant Recipient: Maximillian D. Activities: Volunteer working to improve access to renewable energy along the Thailand-Burma border

Host Organization: Global Health Access Program Grant Recipient: Katherine R. Activities: Training health workers in needs assessment, program development, data collection & analysis



Host Organization: Helsinki Espana Grant Recipient: Michael H. Activities: Human rights education


Host Organization: Apne Aap Women Worldwide  Grant Recipient: Kristin B. Activities: Communications intern, women’s empowerment and anti-sex trafficking

Host Organization: Global Communities (formerly known as CHF International) Grant Recipient: Mirno P. Activities: Researching and implementing sanitation projects

Host Organization: Experiential Learning International Grant Recipient: Leeza S. Activities: Women’s empowerment through mobilizing self-help and education

Host Organization: Food for Life: Sandi Pani Muni School Grant Recipient: Kristie L. Activities: Teaching

Host Organization: Foundation for Ecological Security Grant Recipient: Daniel C. Activities: Community development, ecological restoration

Host Organization: Foundation for Sustainable Development Grant Recipient: Carlyn J. Activities: Renewable energy development volunteer

Host Organization: Global Health Access Program Grant Recipient: Joanna K. Activities: Health educator and trainer

Latin America


Host Organization: AYUDA Grant Recipient: Erica L. Activities: Program assistant, coordinating volunteers, building a national youth network

Host Organization: Foundation for Sustainable Development Grant Recipient: Alexandria B. Activities: Preventive care education, developing medical gardens, grantwriting, coordinating volunteers


Host Organization: Acción Emprendedora Grant Recipient: Monica W. Activities: Marketing, teaching


Host Organization: José Alvear Restrepo Lawyer’s Collective Grant Recipient: Rory G. Activities: Working with petitions and cases before the Inter-America Commission and Court of Human Rights

Costa Rica   

Host Organization: Asociación CREAR Grant Recipient: Lauren T. Activities: Community needs assessment, grant writing, program planning and implementation

Dominican Republic   

Host Organization: Clinica de Familia Grant Recipient: Gabriella F. Activities: HIV pediatric nutrition, support for HIV-positive adolescents, program evaluation


Host Organization: Asylum Access Ecuador Grant Recipient: Elizabeth W. Activities: Administrative assistance, translation, program evaluation

Host Organization: Arajuno Road Project Grant Recipient: Lee B. Activities: Administrative assistance, translation, teaching

Host Organization: Center for Mediation, Peace, & Resolution of Conflict - International Inc. Grant Recipient: Emily G. Activities: Intern - Providing educational programs, mediation services and consulting

Host Organization: Foundation Human Nature Grant Recipient:  Kenta D. Activities: Sustainable development and public health


Host Organization: El Nahual Community Education Center Grant Recipient: Annah B. Activities: After-school English and art teacher, teacher training, volunteer coordinating

Host Organization: Fundación Tradiciones Mayas Grant Recipient: Rachel Jo S. Activities: Development Intern

Host Organization: La Democracia Spanish School, Maya Pedal  Grant Recipient: Aaron M. Activities: Teaching English, bicycle building and repair

Host Organization: Semilla Nueva  Grant Recipient: Darren Y. Activities: Sustainable agriculture


Host Organization: AMURTEL Haiti Grant Recipient: Kate B. Activities: Communications & Program Coordinator - Managing social media, fundraising and coordinating community programs


Host Organization: SiKanda Grant Recipient: Ashley P. Activities: Fundraising and development to help build afforable housing


Host Organization: Escuela AKF Grant Recipient: Kendal S. Activities: English/Spanish translator and tutor, building a sustainable library, organizing a community youth program, community development


Host Organization: Alliance for Conservation & Development Grant Recipient: Jeffrey S. Activities: Community Advocacy/Environmental Law


Host Organization: Sacred Valley Health Grant Recipient: Kelly L. Activities: Womens’ health pilot program

Host Organization: Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children Grant Recipient: Maggie C. Activities: Health education, health assessments, shadowing doctors

Host Organization: Para el Mundo, Leticia Works, Partners in Health Grant Recipient: Robert H. Activities: Dengue fever prevention through education, construction of water pumps, data entry/analysis

Host Organization: Partners In Health Grant Recipient: Daphne A. Activities: Clinical support for tuberculosis and HIV patients

Middle East


Host Organization: Peace Players International and Arab Educational Institute Grant Recipient: David G. Activities: Assist with office duties, coach basketball camps for Israeli and Palestinian children, teach journalism, record stories, language study

Palestinian Territories   

Host Organization: Kiva Grant Recipient: Philip I. Activities: Micro-enterprise development and poverty alleviation initiatives

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