The Great Outdoors

Kim from Germany is an au pair in Pennsylvania, USA.
Kim from Germany is an au pair in Pennsylvania, USA.
Photo courtesy of InterExchange

Think back to your own childhood. Chances are, some of your fondest memories are of outdoor activities and places. Perhaps you had a favorite climbing tree or secret hiding place? Help your host children create some of those same memories.

Things to do outside:

  • Go to the park
  • Go to the playground
  • Have a picnic
  • Look at the stars at night
  • Go to the zoo
  • Play tag
  • Pick flowers
  • Go swimming
  • Have a scavenger hunt
  • Draw on the sidewalks with chalk
  • Go to outdoor fairs and events when the weather allows

Plant Seeds

Plant a garden outside or use pots indoors. Herbs are easy to grow and have many uses. Plan a trip to the nursery or garden shop to select plants with your host children.

Colorful Flowers

Stems carry water up the stalk and to the petals of the flower. You can prove this by putting white flowers - daisies or carnations work well - into jars of colored water. Simply put food coloring into several jars of water (the more food coloring you use, the darker the flowers will become). Place a flower in each jar. Observe the color of the flower after four or five hours. This experiment can also work with celery stalks!

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