Responsibilities can get confusing when it comes to cleaning. Your housework responsibility should be limited to cleaning up after the children and yourself, and contributing to housework as a normal family member (such as one person cooking dinner and the other person washing the dishes).

Make sure to discuss with your host family exactly what is required of you. It is very important to be clear and consistent about cleaning. Go over the topics below in detail.

Cleaning up after the children:

  • Making children’s beds: Who is responsible? When should sheets be changed?
  • Children’s laundry: How often? What is the procedure?
  • Cleaning up children’s rooms: What needs to be done and how often?
  • Making children’s snacks, lunches, and dinners: What is appropriate and when?
  • General clean up after children: What is expected to be done during on-duty hours? In what areas of the house?
  • Running errands for children: What small errands will you be expected to do and how often while on-duty?

Personal au pair cleaning expectations:

  • Au pair’s room: What are the general guidelines for upkeep in your living space?
  • Au pair’s car: What are the general guidelines for keeping your car clean, if applicable?
  • Around the house: What are your family’s expectations on keeping the common areas clean and tidy?

Contributing to housework:

  • Household chores: Are there certain chores your host family would like for you to pitch in and assist with?
  • Trash and recycling: Where does the trash go when it is full? How does recycling work? Where are replacement bags?
  • Household basics: Are there any other areas your host family might expect you to help with?

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