Reviewing Applications and Deadlines (October 1 – March 20)

Reviewing Applications

The following are our general guidelines for applications:

  • Age: Candidates between the ages of 21 and 25 generally have the best chance of receiving an offer.
  • Dates: An applicant’s dates of availability are crucial. A well-qualified applicant who can arrive in May has a greater number of potential employers than someone who can’t arrive until June 15 or later. Applicants should be available to stay through (at least) the end of August.
  • Experience: We need to know, as specifically as possible, how much experience the applicant has. If it’s a counselor application, has he or she ever taught a skill to children? If so, to how big a group of children? How old were the children? How long did he or she teach? How long ago?
  • Skills: Please see this section for information on skills.
  • Types of camps: Applicants who are more flexible and willing to work at special needs or religious camps and who have filled out the corresponding supplements are the easiest to place.

InterExchange Camp USA reserves the right to reject any applicant, at any time, for any reason. While we always value your opinion and appreciate your input, we must make final decisions based on what we know about camp directors’ needs and standards and the applicant’s realistic chance for success on the program if placed.

By applying to our program, a participant commits to waiting for a placement and to working at a camp should we find him or her a placement. Once we have interviewed someone and accepted that person into the program, the participant may not apply to any other programs or jobs while awaiting placement.


Camp Placement

All Camp Placement applications must be submitted to InterExchange by March 1st. InterExchange Camp USA reserves the right to reject any application submitted after the deadline. We have set the deadline early in order to allow us to process all applications in time for peak hiring season. The earlier we receive the applications, the greater the chance of placement.

Don’t wait until the deadline to send us your applications. Most camps are making decisions even earlier than usual, making it more competitive to recruit the most qualified candidates. We make placements as early as October. Incomplete applications cannot be submitted through If applicants do not complete their applications on time, please email us and ask how to proceed.


  • The deadline for Self-Placement and Returnering participants is January 31st or when we reach our allotment. InterExchange Camp USA reserves the right to reject any application submitted after the deadline.
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