Pre-Departure Information

Before participants leave the country, please make sure they log into their account at They should review their travel instructions and update their flight information and visa status. Please share the InterExchange Camp USA Participant handbook with all your participants before they depart for the U.S. The handbook contains important information on insurance. Before departure, all participants should have received their insurance cards through email from the insurance provider. It is recommended that they print their insurance information and keep it with their important documents. Help every participant to understand exactly what to do when he or she gets off the plane. Point out the InterExchange office and emergency numbers. Remind them of the safety concerns. Finally, be sure that they have reviewed/printed their travel instructions and have communicated with their camp about their arrival date and time.

Participants are welcome to make an appointment during office hours Monday through Friday to stop by our Culture Desk located at the InterExchange office at 100 Wall Street, Suite 301, New York, NY 10005. They can ask questions, purchase discounted tickets and other merchandise, and also use free WiFi. InterExchange will send all participants further instructions about stopping by the Culture Desk and attending other cultural activities closer to their departure date.

Ending the Placement Season

We recommend that by early May you call each of your unplaced applicants to inquire if they have changed their minds since they initially submitted their applications. Would they, for example, be willing to go to any other types of camps, particularly special needs camps? Please update us on any such additions or changes. As you know, once spring arrives, every day counts.

As you are making these calls, please remind your applicants of last-minute placement logistics. Often, camps will hire up to and even after the first day of camp. An expected staff member may not show up, or the camp may realize that they need more staff than they have hired. In cases such as these, camps will call InterExchange and ask us how quickly we can get someone to camp. Applicants should be prepared to leave for the U.S. as soon as they are granted visas.

Unanticipated events cause a few people to withdraw from the program at the last minute. When someone cancels, we need documentation in writing from you explaining why. We will keep written information regarding cancellations on file with the participants’ applications. Please share the following deadlines and policies with your applicants so they are clear about the commitment that they are making.

Cancellation and Refund Policies for Counselors

  • Applicants who are rejected by InterExchange Camp USA are entitled to a full refund.
  • Any participant who receives a visa denial must submit proof of the denial. You may then issue the participant a refund based on your cancellation policy. An unplaced applicant who cancels from the program before June 1st may not be entitled to a full refund. An unplaced applicant who cancels for a legitimate medical reason must present documentation.
  • An unplaced applicant who cancels for a legitimate medical reason must present documentation. In this case, the applicant is entitled to a full refund minus a $50 cancellation fee + $35 SEVIS fee if placed.
  • If the initial assignment is unsatisfactory due to no fault of the participant, InterExchange Camp USA will try to find an alternative placement. However, there is no guarantee that a second placement will be found.
  • A participant who is unable to successfully complete his or her camp assignment for any reason will forfeit any remaining stipend, have his or her visa sponsorship shortened, and may need to change their return flight.
  • Please review Exhibit B within your IC agreement for the most accurate and up to date fee and cancellation information.
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