Self-Placement and Returning Applicants

Most Self and Returning applicants will apply directly with InterExchange but occasionally these applicants will choose to apply with an International Cooperator. Please familiarize yourself with the following policies regarding the Self-Placement program so you can share them with your applicants. You are entitled to keep the difference between your fees to the participant and the fee charged to you by InterExchange Camp USA. Please refer to the Fee and Expenses schedule included with your individual IC Agreement.

Self-Placement Applicants

  • Find their own placements, without the help of any organization. You may not assist participants in finding a camp or contact camps yourself. Anyone who has applied to the Camp Placement program may not contact camps on his or her own. Participants returning to a camp they worked for previously must apply under the Returning Placement program.

  • Must meet all U.S. Department of State regulations for pursuing appropriate camps and staff positions.

  • Must be interviewed by his or her camp and have a signed contract on camp letterhead from the camp director, which outlines his or her stipend, dates of employment, and position at camp. Please make sure you read over the contract to confirm that the participant does in fact have a job offer and not just a conditional agreement.

  • Pay for their own flights. Self-Placement participants negotiate their stipends directly with their camps. When doing so, they should consider how much they are paying for costs such as the program fee, insurance fee, embassy fees, the flight and travel to camp within the U.S.

  • Must complete online pre-departure orientation before arriving and be interviewed by you or an official representative of your organization.

  • Check in with InterExchange every 30 days while in the United States.

Cancellation Policies

Under no circumstances will we issue a refund to a Self-Placement participant who has already entered the U.S.

Please refer to the IC Agreement for the most up to date cancellation policy.

If a Self-Placement participant’s camp placement does not work out, the travel portion of the participant’s visa will begin and he or she will have 30 days to travel within the U.S. If InterExchange determines that the visa should be terminated due to the actions that led to the participant’s firing, he or she may not be eligible for any travel and must leave the country immediately.

Do not give a Self-Placement participant his or her DS-2019 Form until you receive that participant’s signed placement offer. The placement offer is our way of indicating to you that the camp has confirmed the placement. By signing the offer, the participant has agreed to the terms and conditions.

Self-Placement Application Requirements

InterExchange Camp USA requires the following:

  • One completed Self-Placement application and all materials requested therein.
  • One reference. If the applicant has a written performance evaluation from the previous summer, we can accept that as a reference.
  • One copy of the confirmed placement offer on camp letterhead signed and dated by the camp director. The contract must outline the participant’s stipend, dates of employment and position at camp.
  • One completed medical form.
  • One police background check.
  • Copy of passport.
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