The Selection Process

Applicant Screening for Camp Placement Program Participants

InterExchange and our International Cooperators (ICs) thoroughly screen all Camp Placement program applicants. The screening process includes:

Pre-Screening and Selection

ICs pre-screen prospective applicants by phone or in person before distributing an information packet and application. When an IC representative receives a completed application, he or she reviews the paperwork to determine if the applicant is an appropriate candidate for the program. The IC then decides either to invite the applicant to an in-country orientation and interview or to reject the applicant at that time.


The purpose of the in-country orientation is to provide prospective candidates with a realistic picture of our Camp USA program. Some of the topics we cover include types of camps, daily schedules, potential responsibilities of counselors, stipends, visas, program requirements and general benefits and requirements of participating in our Camp USA program. We intersperse camp-related songs and games throughout the orientation to determine the applicants’ comfort level with such activities. We also include other exercises in the orientation that allow participants to practice their English skills. If for some reason a participant is not able to attend the orientation session, an online orientation will be available to them. The online orientation can also be available to any participant for future reference.

Interview and Language Assessment

First, all applicants complete a written, on-the-spot Interview Supplement composed of short-answer questions (without any form of language aid). Next, they spend 30 to 45 minutes speaking to an InterExchange Camp USA staff member or a trained interviewer. Here, the interviewer inquires about the applicant’s relevant skills and experience with children and evaluates the applicant’s reasons for applying. At the same time, the interviewer critically assesses each applicant’s language speed, comprehension, fluency and clarity. Throughout the conversation, the interviewer records his or her observations on a written report. A sample Interview Report is provided in this handbook for your reference.


Each applicant must submit two references (one skill reference and one open letter reference) from employers, teachers or coaches. All ICs verbally verify both references.

Accepting an Applicant

The IC forwards all completed applications to the InterExchange Camp USA office in New York. After considering the applicant’s attitude, skill level, maturity, availability and English level, our program staff decides whether or not to accept the applicant into the program.

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