Travel Directions to Camp

travel directions
travel directions
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Camps are responsible for providing clear directions for how and when participants should arrive at camp. The “Travel Arrangements” section of the online camp registration should be completed and can be updated any time. Placed participants will see this information and book their flights based on the information you provide. Participants can fly directly into the airport that is closest to your camp. Please stay in touch with your participants regarding arrival information. Some camps pick up participants at the hostel that InterExchange suggests or another location in New York City. Other camps reimburse the participants for incurred travel expenses once they arrive at camp.

Participants flying into New York will be able to meet with a Camp USA representative at our suggested Hostel for assistance with their onward travel. We ask that if participants are instructed to fly to any other location that they be met at the airport to ensure their safe arrival to camp.

Return Flights

All InterExchange Camp USA participants will have their return tickets in their possession when they arrive at camp. It is the responsibility of the participant to make any changes to their flights.

Self-Placement Participants

Self-Placement participants and their camps take full responsibility for all travel arrangements and costs. We strongly recommend that Self-Placement participants do not purchase their tickets to the United States until they obtain their visas. We also suggest that camps include transportation and accommodation information in their welcome packets for Self-Placement participants.

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