Your Contract With InterExchange Camp USA


The fees that camps pay to InterExchange cover participant related costs such as:

  • Recruitment, screening, interviewing and placement.
  • Pre-departure orientation.
  • DS-2019 paperwork.
  • Transatlantic flights for some Camp Placement program participants.
  • Government reporting and administrative expenses.
  • 24-hour program support for the duration of the summer.

Contracts and Agreements

The InterExchange fee scale is outlined in our Camp Director Program Agreement and can be found on our website (program fees subject to change). When a camp accepts a participant, it agrees to pay all related fees. InterExchange will send an invoice on July 1st of each program year. Payment is due by September 1st and interest will begin to accumulate at 1.5% for any balance after this date.

Late Payment Charges

Any outstanding balance as of September 1st will be subject to interest at a rate of 1.5% per month.

Tax Status

InterExchange is recognized as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization by the Internal Revenue Service.

Participants’ Breach of Contract

Please notify InterExchange immediately if you have difficulties with an international staff member recruited through our program. If the problem cannot be corrected or resolved and the participant leaves unexpectedly or is terminated, the participant’s stipend (and Travel Supplement, if applicable) and the InterExchange program fee will be pro-rated according to the number of days the participant worked. However, if the participant has worked at a camp for 42 days or more, we will not pro-rate our program fee. This policy encourages camps to contact InterExchange as soon as a problem arises. This way, camps will not wait until the 6th week of camp to deal with an ongoing issue. If a problem with one of your staff members occurs, call us immediately so we can help resolve the issue.

Pro-rating Stipends

To pro-rate a participant’s stipend, divide the amount payable (including Travel Supplement, when applicable) by 63 days and multiply that number by the number of days the participant actually worked. Be sure to add or deduct any fees (e.g. canteen charges, phone bills) the participant accumulated while at camp.

Camp Transfers

InterExchange discourages camp transfers unless absolutely necessary. A camp transfer may occur when a placement does not work out due to no fault of the participant. In these instances, InterExchange works with both the participant and the camp to assess the need for a transfer. We generally ask that the staff member leave the camp community and come to New York until we can arrange a new placement. Regardless of the situation, the camp must pay the participant a prorated stipend for the days worked at camp before he or she actually leaves the camp’s property.

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