Cancellations and Refunds

For a full description of all cancellation and refund policies, please review the Participant Agreement section of your application. Contact your International Cooperator or InterExchange if you have any additional questions.

Camp Placement Participants

If you cancel from the program after accepting a placement offer, you may forfeit your full program fee.

If the U.S. Embassy denies you a visa, you must notify InterExchange before your program start date. Fees are non-refundable after your program start date. If you are denied your visa, you must contact InterExchange immediately in order to receive any refund for fees paid. See your Participant Agreement for a current refund policy.

InterExchange Camp USA will not refund program fees under any circumstance for any participant who has already entered the United States.

If you are unable to complete your first placement due to circumstances beyond your control, InterExchange Camp USA may choose to help you find a second placement. However, we cannot guarantee a second placement.

Self and Returning Placement Participants

If you cancel from the Self or Returning Placement program for any reason, you must notify InterExchange or your International Cooperator immediately. Failure to do so can affect refund possibilities. For more information on cancellations, please contact InterExchange, your International Cooperator and/or review the participant agreement and cancellation policy.

InterExchange Camp USA will not refund program fees under any circumstances for any participant who cancels after their program start date.

Non-Completion of the Program

Camp Placement Participants

InterExchange Camp USA works hard to provide each participant with the best, most rewarding placement available. However, we understand that all placements do not always work out. Please read Chapter 9 for detailed instructions on our procedures for handling problems with your placement.

If you are unable to successfully complete your camp assignment, for any reason, you will forfeit your program fee, insurance fee and the remainder of your stipend. Your visa status will be amended or revoked, and you will be responsible for changing your flight You may also need to return home immediately. You must contact InterExchange Camp USA immediately if your status in the program changes. Read the Participant Agreement for information about liability for non-completion of the program.

In the case of a non-completion, your stipend will be calculated based on a 63-day contracted work period. Calculate your prorated stipend using the formula in the box below.

Self and Returning Placement Participants

InterExchange Camp USA is not responsible if your camp job does not work out, since you arranged it independently. We will not be able to find you a replacement camp job if you leave camp for any reason. Please make sure you let our Camp USA program staff know if you leave your job before your contract ends.

Under no circumstance will InterExchange Camp USA issue a refund to a Self or Returning Placement participant who leaves camp early.

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