Paperwork and Testing

As a host employer, you have a right to ask the participant to submit to drug testing, sign confidentiality agreements or submit to a background check if this is the standard for employment with your organization. Any agreements you sign with the participant outside of the InterExchange-provided J-1 Visa sponsorship paperwork are between you and the participant; however, the host employer agreement, DS-7002, and J-1 Visa program regulations are the primary documents that will be utilized for this program. Any documents you wish to have the participant sign cannot be in conflict with the rules, regulations, and policies for participating as a host employer of an InterExchange Career Training USA-sponsored intern/trainee, nor may they replace any agreements that you as a host employer have with InterExchange or that the participant has with InterExchange.

Note: InterExchange is the authorized visa sponsor for this program—not the host employer. Only InterExchange or U.S. government officials may terminate the participant’s visa sponsorship and legal authorization to live and intern/train in the USA. Please do not misrepresent your relationship with the participant or ask him or her to sign any paperwork that implies that you as the host employer may end his or her visa sponsorship or have the participant returned to his or her home country. You do not have the authorization or ability to do this.

If you encounter any difficulties with the participant throughout the program, contact InterExchange immediately so that we can assist you with finding a successful resolution. Many issues you may encounter will most likely be the result of culture shock; being prepared for this and knowing how to address culture shock-related issues will enable you to resolve many difficulties that may arise more quickly and easily.  You can find information about culture shock on our website at: Please notify InterExchange staff if you encounter any problems that you are unable to resolve by communicating directly with the participant.

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