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Thank you for your decision to host an international intern or trainee and participate in the InterExchange Career Training USA program. InterExchange brings more than 40 years of experience, as well as knowledge and enthusiasm, to the world of international cultural exchange, and we look forward to working with you throughout the program.

As a host employer, you play a very important role in ensuring that the goals and objectives of the J-1 Intern/Trainee exchange visitor program are met. Your international intern/trainee will be looking to you for guidance, support and mentorship during his or her program in the USA. At the same time, we hope that you and your U.S. employees will enjoy this opportunity to engage in an exceptional cultural exchange experience with your international participant, learning about the culture, customs, and business practices of his or her country.

We encourage you to keep in touch with us throughout the program and let us know how we can provide the best learning opportunity possible to you, your international intern or trainee and your U.S. employees. You are welcome to call or visit us anytime during normal business hours—M-F, 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. EST. We are also prepared to assist you outside normal hours should an emergency arise. Remember to keep us updated about any changes to your email address or phone number so you can be sure to receive important program-related updates. We also encourage you to visit our Employer Resource Center for additional information about the program.

Welcome to InterExchange Career Training USA. We wish you a very successful program.

About InterExchange

InterExchange is a nonprofit organization with more than 40 years of experience dedicated to promoting cultural awareness through a wide range of affordable and exciting work & travel, professional training, internship, au pair, camp, language learning and volunteer programs within the U.S. and abroad. InterExchange is designated by the U.S. Department of State to sponsor the J-1 Visa for people from around the world who would like to engage in cultural exchange by visiting the U.S. for a defined period of time. We also connect U.S. and Canadian citizens with work and volunteer opportunities that enable them to learn about life in other countries.

We encourage all our participants and professional colleagues to learn about The Fulbright-Hays Act of 1961, also known as the Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961. This important act enables the Government of the United States to:

  • increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries by means of educational and cultural exchange;

  • strengthen the ties which unite us with other nations by demonstrating the educational and cultural interests, developments, and achievements of the people of the United States and other nations, and the contributions being made toward a peaceful and more fruitful life for people throughout the world;

  • promote international cooperation for educational and cultural advancement; and thus assist in the development of friendly, sympathetic, and peaceful relations between the United States and the other countries of the world.

Our J-1 Visa participants and their hosts must follow all regulations set forth by the U.S. Department of State and maintain contact with InterExchange throughout their selected programs. We guide international visitors to best take advantage of the cultural opportunities offered by their local host communities in the U.S. Similarly, we encourage U.S. host families and employers to promote cultural learning by introducing international visitors to uniquely American values, customs, history and activities while simultaneously learning about the countries and cultures of visiting participants. Strengthening these relationships makes achieving the goals of mutual cultural exchange possible and allows us to build a global community—one person at a time.

InterExchange Career Training USA assists international students and professionals with J-1 Visa sponsorship for internships and practical training programs in the U.S. Candidates may apply for the J-1 Intern or Trainee Visa if they have already secured an appropriate position in the U.S. International students and recent graduates may apply as Interns and pursue an internship for up to 12 months in a field related to their academic field of study. International working professionals may apply as Trainees and pursue training programs for up to 18 months in a field related to their occupational background. To be eligible, participants’ education and work experience must have been earned outside the U.S.

Other InterExchange Programs

Au Pair USA is a 12-month program that gives young people, ages 18-26, the opportunity to experience the U.S. by living with an American host family and providing child care. In return for their services, au pairs receive room, board, a weekly stipend, accident and sickness insurance, airfare and an educational allowance to use toward college-level courses. This program can be extended for an additional 6, 9 or 12 months after successfully completing the original 12-month program.

Camp USA places international participants, ages 18-28, in U.S. summer camps in counselor or support staff positions. InterExchange also sponsors visas for returning staff or for participants who have found their own camp jobs. The Camp Counselor J-1 Visa is a 4-month visa. The InterExchange Camp USA program runs between May 1st and October 15th during the program year.

Work & Travel USA offers international university students ages 18-28 the opportunity to live and work in the U.S. for up to 4 months during their breaks from university classes. Students work in seasonal and temporary positions in hotels, inns, amusement parks, national parks, retail stores and ski resorts, among other types of businesses. They receive a wage, assistance with housing, accident and sickness insurance, program support and an optional month for travel to explore the United States. Work & Travel USA also offers a 12-month program for citizens of Australia and New Zealand.

Working Abroad enables U.S. citizens, generally ages 18-30, to build diverse work experiences overseas. Opportunities include Au Pair, English language instruction, work and travel, and volunteer abroad placements. We offer programs in Australia, Africa, Asia, South America and numerous European countries.

The InterExchange Foundation was established in 2007 to provide grant funding to motivated young Americans who contribute to worthy work or volunteer projects abroad. The Working Abroad Grant supports participants of select InterExchange Working Abroad programs, and the Christianson Grant supports individuals who have sought out and arranged their own long-term work abroad programs. Many students study abroad every year, but far fewer take advantage of the opportunity to work, intern or volunteer overseas. By providing financial assistance to talented candidates, we encourage young Americans to discover and contribute to the world and benefit from the unique and enriching insights one can only gain from living and working abroad.

The Goals and Objectives of the J-1 Intern/Trainee Exchange Visitor Program

Per the program regulations, the primary objectives of the programs offered under these regulations are to enhance the skills and expertise of exchange visitors in their academic or occupational fields through participation in structured and guided work-based training and internship programs, and to improve participants’ knowledge of American techniques, methodologies, and technology. Such training and internship programs are also intended to increase participants’ understanding of American culture and society and to enhance Americans’ knowledge of foreign cultures and skills through an open interchange of ideas between participants and their American associates. A key goal of the Fulbright-Hays Act, which authorizes these programs, is that participants will return to their home countries and share their experiences with their countrymen.

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